Bird on a Wire – Tarot Messages

I recently did a reading for someone with some really big life-changing decisions to make. Mostly, I’m very specific about things. Occasionally, I throw out something a little more off the wall and abstract. 

I told her that when she saw all the birds, she would be entering the next phase in her life. Something was different about the birds and their activity. A week went by, and she needed to begin to address these decisions regarding her business. 

There were two offers to consider. She was meeting with one of the companies at a restaurant. She chose the restaurant. She chose the outdoor table. Also with her was her regional manager. When they were seated, she noticed seagulls in the area. She was rather hoping they did not try to swoop in for her shrimp. Instead, one of them decided to give her a sign by flying over and pooping on the table between them.  

This is the deal she has decided to choose. It’s the one which will benefit her the most in the long run. So, crazy as it may sound, the appearance of the birds has signaled a new phase. This is only one of the reasons I love to record my readings. I simply let the words fly!

Often, unusual things can be said to you in a Tarot reading. Take heed, for what sounds silly, at the time, will ultimately have a huge impact. 

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