Tarot Etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts

Yes, there is such a thing. Even if it’s a one-time only reading, there is such a thing. 

I can remember some years ago friends of mine were willing to pay $150 per person to go have someone read their cards in person for them. They called from a phone booth and gave fake names when they scheduled their appointment. Needless to say, their reading was still right on point. 

However, if you feel the need to hide yourself from a reader, well that’s just wrong. I will admit there are likely many unscrupulous ones out there. Find a respected tarot reader through friends and family. So, what’s my point here? TRUST…you must trust your reader to deliver the message you are meant to hear. 

You know, just as much as you want to like your tarot reader, you need for your tarot reader to like you. Good readers will develop a relationship with you. The guidance only gets better. 

The most important thing you can do is provide accurate feedback. It’s not about whether the reading is right or wrong. Often, things are discussed which have not yet happened. But verification of circumstances is important. It’s not unusual to speak at length about a situation without even knowing what it is. 

So, here are some general tips to improve your tarot experience:

1.    Be honest with your reader, don’t be fake;

2.    Don’t be vague when making inquiries;

3.     If the reading is in person, listen, then reply;

4.     Thank you is not feedback. You hit the nail on the head is feedback…followed by how that is so;

5.     If your reading does not resonate with you, should you blame your reader? Or are you simply unwilling to hear the message that is being given?

Remember this, not all readers are the same. Don’t let a past bad experience prevent you from having a good one in the future. Mutual respect is important. 

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