Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries – Sunday, September 27, 2015

What a powerful Full Moon. It will be a Full Lunar Eclipse in Aries. Be prepared for huge endings and the permanent closing of doors. But this is not a bad thing. Not at all. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so the beginnings in your life will be dramatic to say the least. Doors for new beginnings will open. Here is my #Tarot guidance for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. 

This is a moon of endings and manifestation. What a beautiful thing. You are being released from a prison you put yourself in long ago. News that brings these changes will come to the forefront at this time. Watch for it from September 22 through October 2. There is that ugh feeling in there of a finally because you couldn’t have gone one more step. The huge ending that comes into your life at this time helps for the stress to lift. You will gradually feel as if the universe is beating up on you less and less. 

You will feel as though you finally have some help with a burden you have carried for so long. Perhaps someone else picks it up and carries it for you. There is a sadness associated with this. You did not fail. That marriage was over long ago. That business ran it’s course. It is time to work on your self worth and see what the universe has in store for you. Stop worrying. 

Incredible strength and patience brought you this far and you appear to have learned the lesson. Part of it is love…love for yourself. By letting go of, and cutting away, what no longer works, you may now begin to recover. Your hopes and dreams are right in front of you. Be realistic about them. 

It’s amazing how far you have come. You receive what you need in a grand way. The timing is right and the universe will hand it to you. Happiness that has long eluded you begins to creep back into your life and you start to rise above the hard times. You will be seeing things much clearer now and in a couple of weeks the fog will really begin to clear. For many of you this may be financial. For others, it is on so many other levels. Your worth increases and you are much more grounded than you have been in a long time. Stay in tune with those around you and be kind. We are all in this together. ❤️

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  1. Thank you for this article! I shared it at our Moondays Portland September Red Tent the night before the eclipse and 90% of the women related to it in their own lives including me!

  2. I found this site wonderful site while trying to find the source of the beautiful image that accompanies this post. If anyone knows the source and date of the original, please let me know. Such creativity should be acknowledged.

  3. The whole purpose of our earthly life is to learn how to love, despite the suffering around us. You have been given your life because you ARE strong enought to handle it. As you can read on here, so many of us have felt a similar way. In my experience, we become spiritually enlightened at our lowest point in life. Hang on in there and allow spirit to show you your lifes purpose. Much love xxx

  4. So this is it.
    This is when I die.
    For nearly two years now I have fought and fought for the love of my life, praying nightly for her return.
    I know, that when this door closes I will no longer possess a reason to live.
    The final spark of hope will be extinguished and I will find myself in the darkening void of hopeless decay.
    No reason to fight, no reason to live, no one left to love.

    My last will and testament are prepared, my method of suicide has been constructed.
    I leave no one behind, everyone else is dead. The last love in my life, that which I have fought for, hoped for, dreamed of…is it truly fading? is this door truly closing?
    I suppose I’ll see after this eclipse, and if so make my final journey.

    “A longer life isn’t always a better one, you just get tired. Tired of the struggle, tired of losing everyone that matters to you….tired of watching everything…turn to dust. If you live long enough, the only certainty left is that you’ll end up alone.”

    • Hi! I have read your comment. Certainly, when I referred to endings, this is not what I meant. But, I am thankful you chose to reach out to me. If you look at this post again, you will see a link to my Facebook page. Message me there. We will see if we can get to the bottom of this story.

    • I want you to know that you are not alone. I was once despondent about a failed relationship and I even attempted suicide, but I was, thankfully, unsuccessful. If you need to talk you can reach out to me or call the national suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

    • You are not alone,to even have felt love is such a wonderful gift not everyone gets that chance, don’t think about the past and what was or should have been keep all your happy memories and see if you can focus on something positive from them x

    • Please do not give up – I am in similar situation and holding on by my fingernails, but I know there has got to be a reason for the pain – a lesson – a brighter future – We are never alone… Seek help from doctor, therapist, pastor, friend – keep or start praying and have faith – so very hard, but it does help little by little, day by day. It seems unbearable but it can be done – there are many going through this and worse – we may never get answers or closure but we must have faith that things will get better! Please do not give up!

    • Dearest CG,

      I have been where your at, and have dealt with suicidal feelings my whole life. I planned it out many times because I needed to know.I had a way out. I am so glad I didn’t. I am now experiencing piece of mind and love myself. I have had and still have struggles but the darkness no longer convinces me I’ll never feel good or hope.

      Please don’t leave before the miracle happens for you. Your survival is so meaningful. Don’t let the darkness win. I’m glad I didnt.

      My spirit friend, you are a dear child of God, you are never alone. Please email me. You don’t have to fight the darkness alone.

      I’m praying for your pain, sadness and despair, that light may surround and protect your mind, body and spirit from the darkness that is trying to break you.

      I am here for you and so is the Creator. You are loved, loveable and your being on this planet matters. Maybe not to you but to God, the World and I, it does. I hope to hear from you.

      Love you!

    • please….take one last pause and reach out to me..I have been where you are..I would love to show you that you indeed do have strength to carry on in this world ..I would love to talk with you via phone or private messenger, let me know..you are never alone..there are many friends in the spirit world that want you here to do the purpose you came here to do…there are more people and more good for you to experience..but you must hold on for one more day..and reach out..

    • My heart is breaking for you! I have been where you are, had a plan, wrote the notes and was ready but was found. I am here to tell you that it does get better, there is light, life can be good again. I am so thankful that I didn’t follow through with my plan. Please reach out to us, call crisis lines (they helped me), call your doctor…whatever you can do, please make the first step right now. Thinking of you…hugs.

    • Hey!
      Don’t do this thing , please. Here I am … somebody who loves you ❤ you are a human being. … I care about you as much as I care about me.
      Let’s talk … my WhatsApp number is +40732239684. You have si much reason to live …please, talk with me.
      I am from Romania …. I think you never heard before about this country…
      Let’s talk , my CG😙

    • I have read you comment and this is not your time to die! This is your time to turn yourself a round and love yourself, you are here for a reason and if you leave before your reason is complete you have altered the entire universe and all the lives in it. Please reach out to anyone of us here and talk. God bless you you are loved

    • please know that you are loved by many; some that you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet! GOD never said that life would be easy, however he did say it would be worth it!! When one door seems to close, yes it can be very painful, however another door will open to take its place!! The best days of your life have yet to happen!! Please reach out to anyone in this group, we will listen if you need to talk. Sometimes it does help to talk with someone who is on the outside of the situation!!! Please remember that YOU ARE LOVED!!!!

    • CG-sending you love and light. You are not alone. I have seen many comments from people reaching out to you, supporting you, loving you. People sharing their stories to show you there is hope. I hope you can receive all this love and feel all this love and let it lift you up.
      💖 kelly

    • You are needed here or you would be gone already. The lesson you must learn is still before you please don’t quit. Someone here needs you. Love to you.

    • CG-!!


    • CG, If you really listen to what Cecelia says, there are better and brighter days ahead. Perhaps the door you believe is closing isn’t one that will be closed. If you choose to die you’ll never know. Judging by the responses to your post, it’s evident that many care about you and will be haunted by your death if you choose to carry out your plan. I’ve been where you are and decided to not act on the urge to end the pain because i wanted to see what the next day brought and the day after that. I’ve lost loved ones to suicide and had they known what was to come into their lives my guess is that they would have chosen life instead of death. Yes, you hurt, most of us have known or know now what you are feeling. Message Cecelia on Facebook, join her group too. You’ll get to meet Holly Stokes there, who is also a loving, caring person. I love both Cecelia, that have brought love, inspiration and encouragement into my life. I’ll be praying for you. CG, you are loved.

    • STOP!!! This is your ego talking and your faith in love is being tested. Don’t give into the darkness… it will only bring you back over and over again until you have resolved all hurt and pain from every lifetime, including this one. Things aren’t what they seem. Sometimes our thoughts cause us to make up false realities of what another is to do. This is the truest test of SELF-LOVE dear. You must start within first and foremost and let go of the need and want of things that you cannot control. You cannot predict what is to happen in the future and the love that you seek is not given from another, it starts with you. That is the very essence of this emotional time. Break through and forgive yourself and her for it is through loving yourself that will bring you the love that you seek. This month is all about releasing the old paradigm of relationships, old patterns, old ideas, etc…, we will not be tired anymore after the veil is lifted and we will overcome. WE have to be able to support ourselves in love and kindness like we would give to our other halves of our souls. She may just be a catalyst for you so that you are able to start to heal. Suicide is not the answer, for it will only bring you more of the same karma in the next lifetime. Now is the time to do everything you can to breathe in the love and light from the universe and the higher ascended masters. God loves you, Jesus loves you, We all love you. It’s time to give yourself a break with the external world and turn inward to lift yourself up out of the forces of evil. The ones who are behind many of the world chaos and they do this thru fear, and other lower vibrational energy. Prove your worth to yourself and yourself only that is the way to a life filled with love, beauty, light, gratitude, grace, and let go, surrender the ego. Love the ego and find your inner child and hold him and squeeze him and tell him that he is loved. I pray for you and if you really find that this is truly the answer, I ask all your angels and guides to assist you in your transition and may it be swift.

    • Think of all the lives you have touched, and all the lives you are still yet to touch! You have touched a whole community of tarot bloggers right here with your comment. We have all come together here to support you through this, because we have all been there too, and we know it does get better. Things do get better. Going to the light too soon isn’t the answer. Working through it and seeing and returning the love of others is why you are here. I am sending you love and light, and all we may ever be to each other are words on a screen but I care about you and your life, as I care for all life in this world, because we need each other. Big love and bright lights, may you be comforted by Angels today and know that we still need you here. Your time’s not up yet love! <3 x

    • CG: You have already done the first step. You’ve reached out. Thank you. Everyone who’s read your post—we all thank you for being strong enough to do so. You are strong. You are more than you realize. This is not your exit point. I too have been where you are and for the first time in my life, I’m happy to be alive. It can happen, I’m living proof. It will happen for you too. What is going on now is unprecedented and some spirits are even envious of us mortals (lightworkers) being able to witness it first hand. Please stick around to see how beautiful life can be. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Erik Medhus. He is an amazing spirit who took his own life and is now helping thousands from making that same mistake. Here are two articles I’ve found that may speak to you:
      Your friend,

    • CG – I know it feels like there is no reason to go on. But that is a temporary feeling. It does change. When you lose someone you feel a void and that void is where you are at right now. I know for a FACT that people begin to fill that void again. This is why you feel the way you do. I hear how tired you are. I hear how sad you are. And yet, I know that those feelings and experiences change. One day you find yourself living again, laughing, being happy. I’ve seen it thousands of times in a thousand different ways.

    • Hi, you are not alone in your struggles and anguish!! I know the loss and hurt you are feeling. I’ve been battling these same demons!! You will get through this you will get stronger. I’m going to pray for you. Know you are so very loved, even though we don’t know each other.

    • Don’t lose yourself in all that is your life. Most days I find it hard to get out of the bed, to be around people or really do anything because of my depression. I know how hard life can be sometimes but there is so much more to this world than what you may see now. If that door closes for you, find a new adventure to release yourself to. Find yourself spiritually and truly grow from it. Your life is so worth living my love. We only get this one chance to explore what our bodies and minds can accomplish. And it seems that you’re a deeply sensitive person and trust me when I say I know exactly how you feel. It’s no easy to feel so deeply for anything and have that taken away but take that depth and spread it to all corners of the universe and you will receive so much love in return 🙂

    • My Name is O’Neal, Johnny Ray O’Neal and to speak a little about myself is difficult but I will try. Hopefully to help CG in his decision to his last day. I to know what it is like to be alone. I have lived alone 85% of my life. I am not exaggerating in the least . I have had a few girl friends you can count them on one hand and you don’t need all 5 fingers. I have made 3 attempts you see I was unsuccessful and perhaps disappointed a little bit nonetheless I learned that Man in all his arrogance he does not have the power to take life unless given it from above. Each attempt that I made would have under ant circumstance would have accomplished it. I have met several others who also had similar results. One man put the gun to his head and he to was unsuccessful. However he was missing part of his crown. Another paralyzed himself. I planned to have done it on my 33rd birthday instead I was at My little brothers Wake almost his funeral my Mother reminded them what day it was for me. and it was rescheduled. That week was the most painful of my life My heart literally was in pain. When I cried out for mercy. the only thought was Imagine the pain I would have made my Mother and sisters feel had I flipped the switch off. I fell to my knees acknowledging the fact that I would have placed on them. And the pain was lifted. That was 22 yrs. ago my Mother passed 5 years after that. I was in my 2 years of sobriety when this happened I stayed sober 5 more years and then went out an got drunk. I suffer from major depression, dystiemia which is a level of depression at all times. All of this is resistant to medication. Meaning medications don’t work I have tried them all A to Z. Never married no children 1 or 2 friends. Family is all gone now just me for the last 6 years. I have been in love with only 1 Woman in my life childhood sweetheart. Never met one that could take her place. So you see friend I know the solitude in which we live. A void that seems to linger. I have shared this with you not to make my story better than yours or be better than you in any way no cause each day is the same as we go through no different then the day before. My hope is that what ever you decide to do. You give it a lot of deep meditation. For two things can be possible. You may be totally successful which would be a one way trip and you next experience would be to stand in front of the God of your understanding. Asking you for an explanation of why you chose death which He may give you the choice you made. I wonder where that would be. OR the God of your understanding will lead you to a life more fulfilling that you ever could imagine. IF you choose LIFE and go on one more day one day at a time. I hope you the best whichever direction chosen. Good Night and may God Bless.

    • You are never alone, you always have been and always will be surrounded by your angels, guides, and loved ones that have gone home. Annd the fact that you posted your intentions here, just means you are looking and hoping, praying that someone will be able to change your mind. There are plenty of people here reaching out to you, sending prayers and light. Take someone, or all of them up on their offerings of help. There are plenty of people out there who give a crap.

    • Do not choose a permanent solution to a temporary problem. The pain doesn’t stop when you suicide, it just transfers to everyone who cares for you !! Msg me !

    • I can feel your pain and I am so so sorry that you are feeling this way..please consider that there is more love other there.. Each person we encounter serves a purpose… Each one with more to provide you for your life’s purpose.
      Your purpose is not over..is not completed.. Please find the strength to continue on this journey as I feel in my heart you will be glad you did.. Hugs to you..

    • Truly I do hope that you do see that you are loved and needed here. The many people who hear you, and feel you, and are reaching out to you to try and touch you, are proof that your worth and presence are needed and valued beyond what you can see at the moment. You are not alone, we are here for you and with you. Much love to you!

    • c j you are loved aand cared for by all of us ive benn through those relationships and have felt like my life was over but you know what it wasnt over i moved forward 1 day at a time and im happy now you will be too .theres a beautiful world out there waiting for you and you will find love and happiness again cj dont do this please please im here aalways for you 24/7 we love you cj. love diana

    • Please, please, please hold on! You are loved amd have touched the hearts of so many – we all care about you and want you to reconsider. I am a survivor of domestic abuse, and I had been sucked into believing that this man was the best I’d ever find. I threw him out, but I was ruined thinking that it was love I was throwing away. It was an incredibly dark time in my life and I, like you, had made my plans to end everything. That night, when I really, really wanted to die someone reached out to me. We are all reaching out to you tonight. Please let it be this that changes your mind and encourages you to find some help. It is tough, really tough, but you CAN get through this and I promise you, this pain DOES pass. It does. I beg you to please, take it one day at a time. If you can make it through today, you can make it again tomorrow. If you need to lean on someone, do it. You are not alone <3

    • Oh CG, you are not alone. So many of us have been flattened by the deep pain and loss of the past years. It has been a time of such impersonal, hard, and harsh letting go. Astrology told us what was coming, but there is now way so many of us could have imagined how unbelievably hard and vast this loss and destruction would be. That time is gone. The energy has shifted. That is what I hear Cecelia saying here. It is now time for the healing and hope. I too understand the devastation of the tearing in my heart each and every day over a deep and powerful love that would not be as I desired it to be, a love that could not find its peace. I hung on, because my mother committed suicide, and I could not in good conscious continue that cycle of loss and pain. I hung on. I prayed. I cried. I prayed. I cried. I reached out to others and their love soothed my soul. Sometimes only for moments. Please read these comments. Know you are not alone. On a much bigger plane of life you are surrounded by the love and solace of all of us reaching out to hold you now. I am praying and knowing angels for you who will guide you through this horrible place of loss and suffering and bring you to a place where there is overflowing love and goodness and peace and satisfaction in your life. You are here for a reason. Your life has meaning and purpose. You deserve and are worth great, great love. Perhaps the door closing is not this love you desire? Perhaps it is the door closing on such pain and sorrow and heartbreak? Let it be so. And so it is. I know for you great love, the love your heart desires. Please start to know that love by feeling ours. I love you precious one.

    • I do understand the pain you are feeling but consider how many people’s lives you have touched. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I know I’ve been where you are. My youngest son was murdered nearly 5 years ago. Trust me that wasn’ the first time I felt like I had nothing to live for. I too recently was told by the love of my life that he was done. I respect his feelings but at the same time I’ve been told by some very important and special people in my life that I should fight for what I want. So I say to you fight, fight with your heart and soul. If this person is in your next chapter then it is meant to be. But there is a saying if you love someone let them go if it’s meant to be they will return. When I say fight I’m saying fight for yourself. You can’t truly love someone until you love yourself. I don’t know you but I understand you please know there are many of us who care you’re NOT ALONE

    • CG, I was once where you are and I ask you to reconsider your decision. If the other person left, she was not the one meant to share your life and hold your heart in the palm of her hands. If she had been she would have treasured you as much as you treasured her.

      However, if you choose to end your life, not only are you robbing yourself of the love that lies ahead of you, but you are robbing that person of yourself, of the soul she needs as much as you need her. Because you are not there, she may grow despondent and choose death, or may settle for someone who destroys her and her children, bit by bit, day by day, until there is nothing left of a hollowed out shell, tattered and worn and crying for the love that never could be.

      It didn’t happen instantly, but I made a conscious choice to find the person who needed me as much as I needed him. I found him (or in reality, he found me!) and we’ve now been together for 11 years. He is still my best friend and the love of my life. You can do the same, but it is a choice, one that only you can make

    • CJ, I feel your pain and my heart aches for you. Please seek professional help for your depression. I too have been where you are and wanted to die, fortunately a friend found me and saved my life. No doubt life is difficult as so many have responded in regards to your post. Your cry for help has been heard by many. Sending you unconditional love, strength and blessings.

    • CG – I, too, have been there. I lost the love of my life. I know what that’s like, and also, the desire to give up and commit suicide. I cannot add to the many wise words said here in response to you. That alone should help you see that there are many out there rooting for you and sending you love and spiritual support. As am I. You WILL get through and come out better, stronger and with more love than you know what to do with!

    • I was just where you are not long ago. I literally packed my car and drove to not feel the reminder of the pain anymore. Don’t bow out just yet, you do not want anyone who doesn’t want you anyway, you just haven’t seen your worth yet. Clouded by the thought there is only one, when someone even better is there but you can’t see as your heart is going to the one who just doesn’t deserve it right now. There are so many people who you do matter to, even if you dont think so in this moment.

      Just talk to someone, anyone, sometimes that’s all we need to see that you are worthy..

      Thoughts and white light for you and so many others being faced with these thoughts right now.

    • You are loved, whether you know it or not. I’m deeply effected by your comment on this post. I care about what you had to say in your comment and I dont want you to give up on life. You are not alone. So many people would be effected by that choice. We all want you to survive! You have support here, a community of people who care including me. Thank you for reaching out for help. I’ve been in your shoes before. I can relate. I promise you that life gets better! This post is about the universe offering a better option. I’ve never been more happy in my whole life. If I ended my life I never would have known this great feeling! I want the same for you! LIFE GETS BETTER! Give life another chance. We are all here if you want to talk!

    • CG- I have read all the love that people are trying to give you here! Please know that you are not alone and you must find happiness within your self. I too am here for you!

  5. This made me cry. I resigned from my job yesterday and am starting a new one in the same building!
    Your post has given me much hope and I really need my self-esteem back.
    Thank you Cecelia!

  6. “Be prepared for huge endings and the permanent closing of doors.


    “But this is not a bad thing.”


    Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so the beginnings in your life will be dramatic to say the least. Doors for new beginnings will open.”-


    That marriage was over long ago. That business ran it’s course. It is time to work on your self worth and see what the universe has in store for you. Stop worrying.


    “You receive what you need in a grand way.”


    “We are all in this together. ❤️”


    • This sounds wonderful and scary at the same time though I am sticking with the wonderful! This will be on my 4th house /10th house axis and the Sun will be nearing conjunction with my natal Neptune in Libra? And yes this reading relates to me exactly also! I have coped and coped for years and just this last few days feel I cant just continue to struggle on with nothing in my life but work, sorting out the mess (that my disappearing) husband left me 6 yr’s ago. which doesn’t leave me any room for anything else in life. I know this has been Saturn’s doing and now it is in my first house I am worried it will carry on with it’s punishment? I do keep asking the universe for help ( so that I can help others) and hope that with this eclipse some answer’s will come… Great reading Thanks……xx Maureen xx
      PS will let you know..x

  7. Finally someone understands that what I’ve been through has been a horribly real nightmare. I hope this prediction comes true.

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