Through the Eyes of Tarot – Mars in Virgo – September 25 through November 12, 2015


Major changes are coming with this transit. Creative choices will be made and it is a time to give birth to new ideas or expand on current ones. These things are all meant to help overcome the pain and loss of the recent past. Good things are coming to fruition for you and you are ready to break those chains that have confined you. 

Balance comes into play here. All of the relationship drama of recent months dies out and you can look for stability and compassion to be more the order of the day. You will find yourself in contact with people who are more suitable to your needs. 

Teamwork will become of utmost importance to you. Especially in October there is a feeling of creating happiness and stability. If it hasn’t already happened it will be time to permanently eliminate that which causes you pain and interferes with your grand plan. 

The light returns to your life and your endeavors are favored. You will feel so proud of your successes a party may be in order. What a wonderful feeling after so long. You now feel like the master of your journey and may begin to manifest the changes that you need. 

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