Through the Eyes of Tarot – Uranus Retrograde – July 26, 2015 through December 25, 2015



I have pulled #Tarot cards for guidance for this rather lengthy transit. 

As you begin this retrograde in July, you will see that the picture of what you’re hoping to do, and what actually seems to be going on around you, just doesn’t jive. There is some disillusionment taking place where you need to look at it in a realistic fashion. You’re being encouraged to look at what is positive. Consult with your closest allies and they will help you with your perspective. 

There is still so much left on this journey, but it’s as if you find something to follow. You are being guided to a rebirth which brings fulfillment. Some of the things you have been working on are coming to fruition. This does lead to smoother waters, but do not be too complacent to just sort of glide along on your journey. You may very well be jolted out of those smooth waters. Coming events are meant to shock and surprise you, because this is, after all, what Uranus does. 

There will be losses, betrayals and things of this nature that bring you heartache. And, I don’t like to put it this way, but the desire for revenge is probably there. 

So as this is beginning now and you’ve had a New Moon passing, with each New Moon during this retrograde of Uranus, send out what you need so that it can come back to you. It is going to, but not without aggravation and difficult choices along the way. 

What you need is favored. You will not always necessarily have what you want, but there will be a more stable atmosphere coming. Everything is going to come full circle, and the doors that need to open in your life will open. The gift that you will be receiving, and long awaiting, is the biggest part of the surprise. It will be an enjoyable and favorable time, but not without its ups and downs. 

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