Through the Eyes of Tarot – Pluto Direct – September 24, 2015 through April 17, 2016


With all the other planetary influences thrown in, that load was getting mighty heavy while Pluto was retrograde. For many, it took a great deal of strength and patience to get through those 6 months. But, SUCCESS!! Yes, you did it! You made it to the other side. Pluto spends 6 months direct and 6 months retrograde every year, but this was exceptionally difficult for most. HOWEVER, the losses, whether great or small, need to be behind you. There is a new path that awaits you and you need to look up at the choices the universe has to offer. It’s time to move forward and restore balance to your life. 

There is an emotional purge taking place for you. New plans will develop during this transit. These are plans that were not previously on your radar. For many of you, the key to standing strong again will be frugality. You can rebuild and firm the foundations of your life and not feel cheated. An indirect approach is indicated. 

Cut away what isn’t necessary. You will possess greater clarity to do this. Stand up for yourself and be truthful. This transit needs to be more outer world than inner for you. Interaction with others is extremely important. Honesty and effective communication will give birth to new ideas and projects. Many will come to fruition at this time. 

The past vs. the present. Do not let the past, with it’s stress and atrocities, blind you from the doors that are opening for you. In the present moment, you have the whole world in front of you. The universe has restructured your beliefs, and you are the only one who can hinder your progress. 

Life is just an adventure, and during this 6-month transit, you will find a new beginning, one which restores your faith in the universe. You can see long-held dreams become reality and feel truly blessed. Gather your supporters and be prepared for that new life of which you have always dreamed. 

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