Featured Card of the Day – The Chariot – 78 Tarot Nautical/Tarot of the Water 

Artist: Melanie Starr

Website: Bashango.com


Triumph, confidence, strength of will, command, control

Artist’s Interpretation & Card Meaning:

“The Charioteer peacefully balances the polar bears and concentrates her energy into keeping them in control. She stands in a nautilus shell beneath four glowing fish in the sky, representing the four earthly elements in balance. I created polar bears to pull her chariot, as they are powerful creatures that can navigate from one plane to the next, in water and on land. The face of the chariot holds two gold crescent moons symbolizing ups and downs in life, the square above represents the four corners of the earth. The fish in the sky help guide and light her way through the vast ocean into the cosmos. The polar bears’ position suggests they can move together in one direction, despite how much they struggle, with the charioteer’s control and purpose.”

A chariot is driven through a moonlit night by a calm, peaceful woman. A massive nautilus shell, it is pulled through the ocean by two polar bears. Despite the dark, she is confident and in control – over the polar bears pulling her chariot, and of the situation. The moonlight and outward facing crescent moons on her chariot illustrate celestial forces at play, the square element decorating her chariot hints at her strength of will and determination. This chariot keeps moving forward thanks to the will and effort of this beautiful woman.

This card is an indicator of success and victory, brought by hard work and courage – a reminder to be bold, assertive and give your full focus to the situations you face, in order to create success.

Astrological Association & Element

Water / Cancer

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