Monthly Newsletter – March, 2017

So, you say you thought February was an eventful month? This Newsletter does not post until the 5th in order to draw the Patreon winners, but already this month has served up energy galore! March 2, we saw the second, and probably the most powerful of three transits, where Jupiter opposed Uranus. The third will occur September 28. The urge to break out of a situation can manifest itself in many forms right now, and it is likely the Universe is doing its part with these two getting together to make certain you do so. Also, Venus retrograded on the 4th and will remain in retrograde through April 15. Hopefully you know the drill; do not begin or end relationships, become engaged or married, find a new hairdresser, etc., or attempt a new style. Plastic surgery is definitely out of the question. Give Venus until May 18 to resume normal activities and then make those important relationship decisions. Some of you may also need a financial review during this time period.


The feedback I receive for Patreon is greatly appreciated, and I am totally honored and humbled by the positive response. For those who do not know what I post there, it is ADDITIONAL Tarot Guidance, much more in depth and broken down by Sun sign, planet, retrograde, etc. These are lengthy Guidance videos which incorporate extra layers of understanding for current and future events, making it much easier to navigate day-to-day life.


This month’s Patreon drawing is for a $50.00 voucher in the 78 Tarot store, good on anything.

The winner of the $50.00 in 78 Tarot merchandise is:

Amanda Woodham

This month there are two Second Prizes – FREE Beyond the Shift or Relationship Reading from Tarot by Cecelia

The winners of the FREE Readings are:

Janet Floyd

Anne Marie Carter


Mars will leave home sign of Aries and move into Taurus. You will definitely feel a shift in the energy available to you as far as being able to get things done. Be sure to watch for the blog post and Special Tarot Guidance video on the 7th. The annual Full Moon in Virgo will occur on the 12th and will present as a mixed bag, however, overall I feel there is much positive to be found; you simply need to acknowledge it.  The Full Moon in Virgo blog post and video will be available on the 9th. 


Starting in March, I have been using a new deck which is not yet in anyone’s hands, for the Featured Card of the Day. It is called Monstartot, created by artist and friend, Joanna Nelson, of Joanna Nelson Studio. Watch each day for these delightful cards to appear in your social media, through the Featured Card series, as well as the daily Memes. The initial offering of Monstarot is only 500 decks, so, if interested, be sure to click on the link included in the Featured Card of the Day to contact Joanna. She is currently contemplating a second deck, and some other interesting products you may enjoy, so stay tuned.


Mercury, which has been back to full speed, is moving right along in March. It enters Aries on the 13th, which is the day after the Full Moon. I say this as a caution, for Aries is known for being extremely blunt and forceful at times, often speaking without thinking. Coupled with a Full Moon, you may wish to turn on your filter! On the 26th, I am sad to report that Mercury will enter its pre-shadow period for its impending retrograde. Then, on the 3oth, it will enter Taurus, where the energy tends to slow down a bit all on its own. Note, this is the sign where it will retrograde April 9 through May 3.


I am happy to report that I finally seem to have overcome the majority of technical glitches which began back in late July. It has been a long haul, and I thank everyone for their patience, while waiting for personal readings, as I struggled to piece everything back the way it belongs. It is my hope that once I reach June, the wait time on personal readings will be almost non-existent. Perhaps a week, with any luck. Fingers crossed.


It is unlikely that many of you out there have ever backed a project on Kickstarter, but, if you have become a fan of 78 Tarot, you may wish to learn more. Projects funded through Kickstarter offer many additional goodies which all Tarot collectors are sure to enjoy. The fourth deck in the series, Astral, will be a collectible Tarot deck with art from 78 different artists, all with an outer-space theme. Perhaps you were lucky enough to acquire the second (Nautical), or third (Carnival) decks, and, if so, I am certain you were delighted. I have been fortunate enough to view some of the artwork which will be used for this deck, and I believe Astral will be the best, thus far. The Kickstarter campaign kicks off on April 11, so this is your heads up if you wish to allocate for a new deck in your budget. I will discuss it more in next month’s Newsletter. Your account is billed at the end of the 30-day Kickstarter project, provided the project is totally funded. This one will be funded in a matter of hours.


By the third week of the month, you will see a shift to Aries energy as the annual Spring/Autumn Equinox arrives and the new astrological year begins. There will be a second of three squares between Jupiter and Pluto on the 30th, and the drive to succeed will be fierce. Do make sure the means justifies the end.  The New Moon in Aries will arrive on the 27th; this will be a good time for assessing your progress to date and to determine where to next!

Thanks so much for being here. See you again in April!❤️


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