Full Moon in Virgo – Sunday, March 12, 2017 10:54am

We all know Full Moons are all about letting go and culminations, etc. Each and every one of you out there has something which has been off balance in your life; you can especially feel it in the area of responsibilities, and, quite frankly, to you, it is simply not fair. This Full Moon in Virgo has you exploring both sides of the story and reconsidering a course of action. Your beliefs have been tested, to say the least, but thanks to Mars in Taurus, you can take a practical position in decisions, yet still manage to look both ways before proceeding.

You are not exactly hitting the ground running, but you are moving, both on and forward, in spite of any holdups and snags along the way. As you have been doing thus far, continue methodically; the time following this Full Moon is helping to restore your faith. You will discover blessings to celebrate which will be toward your security. Having the wisdom to know when to act, and when not to act, no matter how much change you desire, is not an easy feat, but doable.

Interestingly enough, all you are truly trying to manifest is happiness. You have your doubts that things will ever happen the way you have been hoping, but sometimes they are meant to turn out different, yet still with fulfillment. To pounce on an opportunity, or not to pounce? That might appear to be your question; there is a lull of activity in a particular area which you feel between the Full Moon and the Equinox, and you may think the Universe is out to cheat you, but it will not be until the Equinox before you see karma step in and things begin moving in a direction toward your hopes and dreams. Be sure to listen to my recorded Full Moon in Virgo Tarot Guidance on Patreon! (20:47 in length)

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