Through the Eyes of Tarot – Venus enters Aries – February 3, 2017


Let the adventure begin! If you have been feeling trapped and waiting for the Universe to spring you loose, you are in luck! While it will not just be Venus in Aries which helps you, the entire time, up until Venus finally makes its way into Taurus on June 3, will be full of twists and turns, leading you to a much better place. It is up to you to spy the opening in the fence, or the gate cracked just slightly, and take advantage of opportunities which can pay off down the line. Particular commitments/relationships which have caused you to feel as though you are walking on eggshells regarding a particular situation, or subject, will also be history come June 3.

Hopefully you have a plan, one which will allow you to move forward through the various winding aspects of this part of your journey. Change, and the opportunity for it, exists everywhere, and though you can not always see clearly which choice to make, you shall be able to do so, at some point. Assess all of the information which is available to you; hidden among all of it is the key to truly open the door of change you desire. It may take several tries, but the Universe will finally heed your “Open Sesame!”, and this transitional phase which began back in October will be over by the Solstice in June.

At that time, being the Solstice, you will once again be feeling that lust for life, which has been missing for so long. Fun will actually be fun, and you will indeed feel favored by the Universe. The security and material fulfillment which you have been seeking in your life is all in the details, and at that time, while it is beyond the scope of this post, you shall recreate the picture of how your life should look. You will do so with a renewed perspective and a completely grounded attitude.

Once you have found that open crack, mentioned in the beginning, you will begin to take down walls which are blocking you and any other speed bumps which you encounter along the way. You will have a much better handle on the illusions which too many options can create, and your powers of manifestation will be greatly increased. Also increasing will be your compassion; as life improves, so does your ability to balance your kindness and generosity. By June 3 you shall be back in the saddle again, and will find yourself surrounded by the right people.  Also listen to my recorded Tarot Guidance for Venus in Aries on Patreon (22:49 in length, available to $5+ Patrons)

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