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Artist: Tanya Bond

Website: None Given


Destiny, change of fortune, what will be will be

Artist Statement

“The Wheel of Fortune represents the forces of fate that are outside of our control. It symbolizes a cyclic nature of our life, our destiny, an inevitability of what’s coming, good or bad, and the ultimate balance of these cycles. What’s coming is meant to happen, and in time the tables will turn, every dark period of life will be followed by a light one. The change is imminent, and our work is to accept it gracefully, and to learn from the coming events about ourselves, about our life and about our destination.”

Card Meaning

To one side of this beautiful woman, there is a calm beach scene, but shadows play over half her face. The other side of her face is clear, with a bright expression, but behind her, dark storms gather. She is the very image of duality. Her headdress is a simple wheel, intricately woven into her hair. At its center is a spiral of white and black that would combine when the wheel was in motion, symbolizing two halves of a whole, the light and dark that are constant in an ever-changing world.

Life is about the inescapable ups and downs, the good and bad that are a part of each other – without the bad there would be no good, just indiscernable blandness, and this card reminds us to embrace that, to accept the ever moving cycle of life.

Astrological Association & Element

Jupiter / Fire

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