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Artist: Manuel Da Cunha Vega

Website: None Given


Harmony, celebration, contentment, enthusiasm

Artist Statement

“This is a favorable card for festive events and lucky for relationships that will come into your life briefly influencing your material and spiritual well-being. This card can predict that you are nearing happier and peaceful times, and probably will experience new and enriching fortunate events.

This card suggests that you finally achieved happiness and are feeling proud of your exploits. The pressure that you have been under has disappeared or will very soon, and that is cause for celebration. Rejoice and celebrate all that you have achieved to date and see that you will feel relieved, relaxed and serene with all the emotional burden and linked charges fading as you relax.”

Card Meaning

A woman stands between four wands. In her hands she holds two smiling, elaborately decorated masks, symbols of harmony, the colors of the masks mirrored in her own vibrant makeup. The wands support a colorful flowery wreath, which shed petals gently, like confetti floating down to join the festivities. This wreath is a symbol of her achievement and celebration, the joy these bring evident on her face.

This card represents stability and jubilation – you’ve hit your target, and managed to keep your home life harmonious at the same time. Now it’s time to celebrate with friends and family, to just enjoy being happy and knowing that you’ve done well without the usual distractions of a busy, stressful life.

Astrological Element & Association

Fire / Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

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