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Artist: Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Website: Strangeling.com


Focused, calm, balanced, ready

Artist Statement

“I’ve given her a dark red dress (it kind of has a Masque of the Red Death feel to it). The background has an Italianate feel. The skeleton guy on the horse skeleton is based on a very old anatomy etching I came across. As it needed to encompass the Tarot Death card themes as well as the Carnival theme, there are small dancing masked figures or skeletons circling around her, and death on his skeletal horse in the distance. My Plague Doctor / Alchemist character (he appears in a lot of my works) is looming behind her.”

Card Meaning

A Venetian lady stands within a circle of masked figures and skeletons. Behind her looms a plague doctor, and she cradles the skull of a dead baby. Death rides past in the distance on his horse, idly watching the scene – a reminder that death cannot be defeated. The rich and poor, children, adults and the elderly, all will face him. But behind all this, dawn breaks, the sun rises on a new day purifying us all and bringing a fresh start.

Often mistaken for a harbinger of real death, this card more often symbolizes the end of something that has come to a natural close, and the rebirth that will inevitably follow. It is a hopeful card – with all endings there is sorrow, but also a chance to move on, begin again and transform into something positive.

Astrological Element & Association

Water / Scorpio

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