The Path You’ve Chosen – June, 2017

Change, change, change. You have a creative vision for your future, and you know the future is on its way. You have just a little further to go now, as you take on the task of preparing for this new life. You may feel like you are merely plodding along, when suddenly an opportunity arises out of nowhere, taking you completely by surprise. Back up, stop and take a good look at it, since it may represent an idea or situation you had not previously considered, and the Universe is opening your eyes to some new possibilities.

There is no way you can veer your focus away from the changes you desire. Your new identity which has been forming is becoming more solidified, with retrograde Neptune kicking in with some behind-the-scenes intuition to help your powers of manifestation. This is one of those rarer times in life when pursuing your hopes and dreams is not seen as a foolish whim, rather you should go for them and make them a reality.

Not all of this will happen between now and mid-July when the next post is available; it is a continuing saga, with balance being achieved by the Full Moon in Pisces in September. By the Equinox, you will be celebrating the good news that justice has been served and the karma train has indeed done its job. Troubling situations smooth out and betrayal which was first recognizable earlier in the year, has been dealt with in a proper fashion. The turning point where you realize that you are indeed able to move on is likely to occur sometime in August.

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