Astro-Tarot – June, 2017

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” ~ Helen Keller

General – For All Signs

The month of June is all about reaching the Solstice on the 21st. Talk about your green lights! It is time for things to start moving. Finally, you feel as though the right people are at the table with you, bringing the necessary elements to the discussion. Hyperorganization is the name of the game, and you may have been trying really hard before to achieve this, but the Solstice is when that mode really kicks in for you. This is not a time for out-of-the-box behavior, rather conforming to the expectations of society will put you on the right side of the equation. Many lessons have been learned from the past, and the time has come to release any fears and let them go.

When you really take a good look at the cycles of time, you will see that the three-month intervals during which we have individual seasons, are truly unique, and definitely worth noting. Take others under your wing, and guide and nurture them. There will be much to celebrate by the Equinox in September, and also again at Christmastime. Be a leader for positive change and you will free yourself from the burdens you have carried for so long. The Universe has your back and will instill you with great faith for the things which you wish to accomplish.

While organizing and restructuring your life, you don’t need to be front and center with the details every day. It is not so much a lack of truth on your part, as it is not everyone’s business what you are undertaking to achieve this new level of organization. Remaining down to earth, as opposed to arrogance, regarding power, allows your power for manifestation to grow. Your best defense is keeping things under wraps for a bit. The door will finally open on an important commitment; reciprocation is the necessary ingredient to success.

You are in a new phase of life which is teaching you to stand on your own two feet in ways not previously possible. It would appear that you have learned to cherish alone time more than ever and that while others may think you are putting up walls, you are simply working out all of your options. Challenges always have a way of being overwhelming, but when you sleep on it, you can find the answers. You are beginning to learn to manifest in new ways, and are beginning to view yourself as a more sound and reliable individual.

♈️ Aries – March 21 – April 19

There must be some way out of here, Aries. If you are looking to be rescued from this life, help is not too far off in the distance. There is a less scattered, more down-to-earth feeling around you this month, as you explore the directions you are considering taking. You may not make an actual decision for three months, but you are ready to set out for new frontiers and leave the nonsense behind. Confidence may be returning as you start to break down some of the walls you had put up, and begin inviting people into your life again.  Listen to my Aries Tarot Guidance for June now available on Patreon! (19:08 in length)

♉️ Taurus – April 20 – May 20

Taurus, you have been begging the Universe on a daily basis to open that stubborn door. June brings a much-needed breakthrough with an opportunity for manifestation. Be careful not to jump in feet first and throwing caution to the wind. It is possible to create a new beginning for yourself, but patience in opening that door seems to be required due to circumstances out of your control. You desire change and the creation of change, and have grown quite tired of the status quo and the things which you are lacking in your life.  Listen to my Taurus Tarot Guidance for June, now available on Patreon! (19:58 in length)

♊️ Gemini – May 21 – June 20

Attempting to hold onto what you feel is rightfully yours can certainly seem like a slippery slope somedays, Gemini. Change may be necessary by the Solstice in the form of a major decision, likely regarding lifestyle and how you choose to live going forward from this point. Change is on the horizon, and preparation for the future is beckoning you to new shores. Restraint in relationships may be your only saving grace. If you say what you think, you might be ruffling a few feathers. There are too many eggshells for you to navigate in June. A solid plan is needed to help you circumvent the fallout.  Listen to my Gemini Tarot Guidance for June, now available on Patreon! (20:06 in length)

♋️ Cancer – June 21 – July 27

Cancer, there is such a positive change coming your way in June that it is inspiring you toward random acts of kindness. Do not rush head first into anything; be an observer and explorer. This will allow you to choose the right direction to overcome the struggles of the last five years. Messages of manifestation are met with huge success, as you continue to look over all of the possible changes bringing forward movement into your life. Speak your truth, for it is important, and it is through the truth that you are ultimately declared the winner.  Listen to my Cancer Tarot Guidance for June, now available on Patreon! (20:00 in length)

♌️ Leo – July 23 – August 22

In June, Leo, you could find yourself the recipient of small gifts, perhaps the token of someone’s generosity; size and quantity may vary. Try to keep a focus toward what you truly need and remain determined to make it so. Success can be yours as an opportunity materializes before the end of the month and things begin to smooth out for you. Online research may be crucial to this. If options have been overwhelming and a tad stressful, know that by August, you will be turning your back on the nonsense. Strive to see things as they truly are and choose wisely.  Listen to my Leo Tarot Guidance for June, now available on Patreon! (20:04 in length)

♍️ Virgo – August 23 – September 22

Virgo, this month, you set off in pursuit of your dreams; explore every opportunity there is to manifest what you need over the next three months. Do not allow any fears to come between you and your happiness; release them and let them go. This is wedding season, and time for parties and celbrations in general, i.e., graduation, christening, etc., and one of these may cross your path on your social calendar. There really isn’t much time for rest and relaxation as you continue to work on your recovery from previous issues; they are all but gone, and in three months you will feel as though you have resumed control of your life. Success comes by the Solstice, but do not allow yourself to tire quickly of the new norm; it is only temporary.  Listen to my Virgo Tarot Guidance for June, now available on Patreon! (20:25 in length)

♎️ Libra – September 23 – October 22

There is simply no wiggle room for bad habits in your life, Libra. The battle is not won if you resume them at some point. You are in need of a huge transition in your life, and to possess the ability to push away from, and refuse, any and all things which may be to your detriment. There is a new adventure awaiting you, with happiness being your goal. The time has come for life-altering decisions and standing up for yourself and leading your own way toward the changes which you need. Destination Total Solar Eclipse on August 21.  Listen to my Libra Tarot Guidance for June, now available on Patreon! (20:22 in length)

♏️ Scorpio – October 23 – November 21

Scorpio, you want what you want and you are ready to mentally apply yourself in June, to hop on that road to recovery and escape the losses and disappointments of recent years. Your spirit can not be broken and you still maintain a generosity of spirit which is actually instrumental in helping you achieve your wishes. Carefully craft your plans and assess what is important to keep in your world; bring in the right people to help you carry this out over the next three months, at which time victory will be yours and major doors will begin to open for you. This is a successful cycle for you, and things will be different by the Full Moon in September.  Listen to my Scorpio Tarot Guidance for June, now available on Patreon! (20:06 in length)

♐️ Sagittarius – November 22 – December 21

Dare to break out of your routine and predictability in June, Sagittarius; it is time to totally revamp your life. There is a new chapter on the horizon which requires patience from you with regard to the spoken word. In other words, it is not what you say, but how you say it. Commitments of various sorts are on your mind, and, one in particular, may leave you feeling trapped in the same mode as the past. Strive to change that; you are truly admired, but new parameters need to be set in order to take a certain relationship in the right direction.  Listen to my Sagittarius Tarot Guidance for June, now available on Patreon! (20:17 in length)

♑️ Capricorn – December 22 – January 19

Capricorn, you may find yourself jumping through hoops in June, but it is all for a good cause. Just like everyone else, you desire an organized and secure life, which allows you to stand on your own two feet and maintain some form of independence, no matter your relationship status. You can’t make it happen all at once, but these next three months will prove very helpful as you seek to make some permanent changes. If something feels like a challenge, do not allow it to hold you back; balance is the key, both with your emotional well being and also with day-to-day focus. Remember, you have the magic within you to create whatever you want.  Listen to my Capricorn Tarot Guidance for June, now available on Patreon! (19:48 in length)

♒️ Aquarius – January 20 – February 18

Good deeds do not go without reward this month, Aquarius. By the Solstice, there is some form of a victory coming your way; it puts the power in your hands. You need to consult your inner voice to make the proper choices as to how to use it. Be truthful with yourself and others and go over previous choices of a similar nature to help you decide what to do. Resting on your laurels, or taking an apathetic attitude toward life can create an imbalance in your life which could open you up to criticism. Do not take what others say to heart and let it cause you anxiety, but, by the same token, do not think you can sit and just wait for what you want to show up on its own.  Listen to my Aquarius Tarot Guidance for June, now available on Patreon! (20:24 in length)

♓️ Pisces – February 19 – March 20

Pisces, leave no stone unturned as you continue to work out the details of your unfolding vision. Take charge of your changes and combine your real-world knowledge with the wisdom you have acquired in recent years. Observe, check, read, listen and consult carefully as things begin to progress forward and the storm clouds of your life are all but gone. You have a totally different perspective of happiness now, and, after many sacrifices, you are determined to go find it. Your intuitive, day-dreamy nature has not left you; perhaps it was pushed aside for a while, but now you are much more grounded and ready to work on the things which matter most to you.  Listen to my Pisces Tarot Guidance for June, now available on Patreon! (20:25 in length)

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