Featured Card of the Day – The Mother – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan 

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.ravynnephelan.com


Unconditional Love, Intimacy, Nurturing, Compassion, Abundance, Growth, Fruitfulness, Acceptance, Fear, Control, Outcomes

Key Phrases

– Love without conditions
– Encourage gifts and talent
– Emotional intimacy and affection
– Be supportive
– Embrace abundance
– Let go of expectations
– We are all different
– Nurture ideas and goals
– Voice thoughts and feelings
– Forgive past failures
– Release control of others
– Emotional manipulation

Card Meaning

Her womb is the void in which new life forms, safe, nurtured, and protected by her body. She is the earthly universe in which a cosmic soul takes on physical form. There is no more sacred or intimate bond than that of mother and child.

She is the Mother – nurturer, protector and creator. She is the very essense of non-sexual intimacy, patience, compassion, unconditional love, and forgiveness – willing to place the needs of her child before her own. Nor is that love reserved for only child born of her womb, for the highest ideal of the Mother is a woman who extends her unconditional love to all who dwell in the world around her, without question of whether or not that love is deserved. The Mother gives without hesitation or reservation.

She is both teacher and guide, encouraging her children to reveal and nurture their talents. In this way, she gifts them with healthy levels of self-belief, self-esteem and confidence.

The Mother is also symbolic of a fertile and abundant mind – a mind where ideas take root. The Mother is willing to nurture those ideas and provide what is necessary in order for them to grow and blossom.

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