Through the Eyes of Tarot – Jupiter in Scorpio – October 10, 2017 through November 8, 2018

While some relationships with people, places, and things may be coming to an end, new opportunities for manifestation await you. Your fears about what lies ahead are unfounded, and the time has come to shift your focus to new horizons; the choices will all be yours. Life has been undergoing a major overhaul, and it will serve you well to close that last door and face forward toward your future.

Jupiter brings new people, commitments, and situations to whatever area of your chart it is residing for the next thirteen months. The changes will be rapid and fast forward you to a greater place of strength in a particular area of your life. By removing yourself from any painful situations, or relationships, you are allowing yourself to do a complete remodel of your life. The blue prints are yours to follow, and you are the creator of your own balance.

In some way, shape, or form, change is bringing you to a better place with regards to love. You are prepared to take a chance, should the opportunity arise. There is a special balance which is happening for you this year, bringing forth a more compassionate version of you, and you will find yourself to be much more grounded. And, remember, love does not necessarily need to be a personal love relationship, but daring to take a risk for something about which you are passionate.

It is possible for many hidden truths to be exposed, and any smokescreens blocking your reality will dissipate. Your peristence and perseverance, at this point, owe everything to your unflappable belief system. Along the way, you will be celebrating major milestones, as you reach your goals, by way of trusting in the Universe and its divine guidance.

I have prepared a special Tarot Guidance for Jupiter in Scorpio (35:35 in length) available through a $5 per month Patreon pledge, or for purchase through YouTube. 

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