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Artist:  Natasja van Gestel

Website:  http://www.natasjavangestel.com

Artist Interpretation 

The King of Pentacles is a self-made man, dressed like a wealthy merchant decked in jewels and rich fabrics. Through discipline has he obtained all he owns; after ambition and perseverance, he has become a prosperous master of his trade. A regal man whose wealth is clear for anyone to see, the King of Pentacles is however also a generous man who is willing to share. He reaches into the soil to turn what he touches into gold. It is a talent he has had to work hard for, but by now the earth does his bidding like it is clay in his fingers. He represents material stability. Look at his face; nothing fazes him. He is content because he doesn’t have to worry about providing for himself, giving him the space to be generous to others.  

Card Meaning 

An opulent King wanders his land, master of all he surveys. His wealth obvious as coins dance above one hand. But his other is turned down, funneling his energy toward the very earth that sustains him and his subjects. Ever working, ever giving, an endless cycle of prosperity.

When this card appears in a reading, it’s time for a balanced, grounded viewpoint. To remember how much hard work it has taken to get you where you are, and the sacrifices you made along the way. To make good on your commitments, acting responsibly, fulfilling promises before relaxing. Knowing that even when you take pride in what you’ve achieved, work will be waiting for you tomorrow.  

The King of Pentacles can also suggest a reliable, successful and generous figure around you – someone who works, and plays hard, remembering their roots and always willing to invest time and energy in others, to share the secrets of their success. The kind of person who gives as much as they receive. 

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