Featured Card of the Day – Page of Swords – 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space 

Artist:  Tara Fly

Website:  http://www.taraflyart.com

Artist Interpretation

I decided to have my cat creature (inspired by She-Ra) about to embark through a time/space portal, and she is bearing a sword engraved with alien writings, which are also featured on the portal.

She is standing in the same pose as the Rider-Waite card. The “rugged ground” of the traditional image was created as a floating chunk of space rock, but I also added a path, and steps, leading up to the portal. There are ten meteors shooting through space, replacing the traditional ten birds flying in the clouds.

Card Meaning 

A feline, humanoid alien stands poised and ready to rush through a portal that has materialized. While the land before her appears peaceful and serene, her sword is raised, and she is prepared to face any encounter in front of her.

When this card appears in a reading, you’re being presented with a challenge…get ready to embark on a crusade, and let nothing and no one stand in your way. You are raring to go, ready to fix the world’s problems, using logic and determination. Let yourself feel inspired, filled with a desire to learn and discover your truth along the way, making you stronger in the process.

The Page of Swords can represent a person currently, in your life, or a young person (or young at heart), who is coming into your life soon. Someone who brings you opportunities for honesty and analysis, who confronts you (not much is easy with the Swords suit) and demands that you think things through. Offering you a chance to learn and expand your mental horizons, a journey of discovery. The Page urges you to face every problem as a test to be overcome and defeated.

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