Featured Card of the Day – The Moon – 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space

Artist:  Enys Guerrero

Website:  http://www.enysguerrero.deviantart.com

Artist Interpretation

I visualize a girl, who represents the Moon itself, the only light in a very dark place. That’s why I make her with a pale skin, and an albino silver hair that gently turns into clouds in and dreaming illusion. The waves of the ocean are her dress, symbolizing the unconscious; and ascending on it, a scorpion, which speaks to us of disturbing images that appear from our inner depths. The bloody tears represents the feelings repressed over time cause inner disturbances that are becoming overwhelming. She is crowned with the lunar phases, to remember us that everything has a “dark and light” phase. She has two companions, two months that are very dichotomous in comparison, that symbolize the duality of the card. Around her, a crafty stellar scenario, that insinuates us that perhaps, everything is an illusion and we must be very attentive to recognize the truth.

Card Meaning 

In the deepest realms of space, the Moon rules the night, bringing light to the galaxy, as spacemen shoot for the stars and her hair descends into clouds. Two moths sit upon her arms and a lobster climbs up from the primordial waters towards the consciousness that the Moon offers.

When this card appears in a reading, you should trust your intuition. The light of the Moon should never be accepted on face value. It casts too many shadows that can obscure the truth. You need to listen to your inner voice, and trust your own senses, to let you know whether the night holds monsters, or just trees casting shadows in the moonlight. Always remember that the Moon is the ruler of the realm of dreams and illusions…

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