Featured Card of the Day – Justice – 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space

Artist:  Italia Ruotolo

Website:  http://www.italiaruotolo.wix.com/italia-ruotolo-art

Artist Interpretation 

This is one of the most fascinating tarot cards and I’m happy I’ve been assigned it. I have not deviated from the traditional iconography, just projected it into the sidereal depth to obey the “Astral” theme.

I represented a woman with her eyes covered that means the impartiality of judgment. She holds a sword that represents the punishment or the Karma. I added a snake because the Hebrew letter representing justice is ”Lamed” which means a snake. He has in his mouth a two-plate scale that represents the male and female, evil and good, light and darkness, in one word, the balance of opposite forces.

Card Meaning 

A celestial body takes on human form, at least partially, to gaze out dispassionately. Her features separate the light and darkness of the galaxies within deep space. Sword in her hand to mete out justice, she looks directly at us. Her eyes are obscured, but she can still “see” clearly – she will not be judging on visual appearances anyway. Before her, scales balance evenly, held within the mouth of a snake, a creature of change, of adaptation.

When this card appears in a reading, the bill must be paid. There comes a time to take responsibility for mistakes, or recognition of good deeds, and make changes in order to move forward. The past has a tendency to haunt you if you don’t. Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes, you just have to have faith that if you do the right thing now, the fairest result will come to pass, even if it doesn’t happen immediately. 

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