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Artist:  Iris Compiet

Website:  http://www.eyeris.eu


Redemption, facing the past, forgiveness 

Artist Interpretation  

For me the card of Judgement signifies a resurrection or rebirth. It stands for breaking free from something, tearing away from something that’s been holding you back. Coming to terms and finding peace with what has past and moving on, accepting. Also to forgive or be forgiven, an end of things. Of things that kept you from moving forward. I have interpreted this as souls traveling to the next plain. The souls are being called by the light, which could also be the light of an alien spaceship so there’s room for personal beliefs when reading this card. The souls transform from skeleton like people into whole beings again the closer they get to the light. They have found an end to what held them back, they are liberated and their poses also suggest this freedom.  

Card Meaning 

In space there appears a nebula – towards it, skeletal characters soar, becoming more whole as they travel towards it, answering its call. This is judgement – these souls crowd toward it, willing and eager to find what lies beyond it…happily they will answer for their sins, be acknowledged for their successes. And then move forward, into a new life, into a new world.​

When this card appears in a reading, it is reminding you to be gentle with yourself and others. Learn how to be honest with yourself, face your past, and deal with it – you can’t change it, but you can learn from it and you can move on. But you can do this negatively, or you can view it as a learning experience – become a better person, by letting your past misdeeds teach you how. By dealing with the past, and letting it go, you can be refreshed and reborn.

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