Featured Card of the Day – The World – 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space

Artist:  Luca Federici Carey

Website:  http://www.rainbots.com


Recognition, fulfillment, victory 

Artist Interpretation 

The dancer of The World Tarot card floats above the earth, signifying an end to old patterns and the advent of new beginnings. In a figurative sense, it’s this transition that people find to be the most alien in their lives: the violent passing of familiarity clashes with the uncanny realities of the new. I chose to emphasize these themes by transforming the focal figure into an extra-terrestrial beauty as grotesque as she is appealing. Her movements echo the frequencies of creation and there are none like her. The figures flanking her are compelled by her presence and are just as easily subsumed by it. True to the theme of the deck, I resisted the urge to default to almost anything that someone might point to and say, “I recognize that; I know what that is!” while also attempting to stay true to the lore and traditional imagery of the card.

Card Meaning 

Four figures watch, mesmerized by the dance of a compelling alien creature. As she dances, her body takes form, a swirl of colour and light. She is the embodiment of cosmic power, a manifestation of celestial force, reaching the pinnacle of achievement. Vast cities lie behind her, and they are merely the audience to her creation.

When this card appears in a reading, congratulations are in order…you’re on top of the World. Enjoy the feeling of satisfaction, and relax….this is your time. You’ve beaten all the negativity and overcome all the obstacles in your way. Savor this moment, live in the present and don’t worry about the future for now. Yes there will be more work ahead of you, more trials to face, but you now have the experience to achieve anything…  

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