Featured Card of the Day – Ace of Wands – 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space

Artist:  Holly Morningstar

Website:  http://www.archaicsmiles.com


Inspiration, creativity, passion, vision

Artist Interpretation 

I was really excited to be assigned the Ace of Wands for the Astral deck! The card, for me, represents potential. Whether it’s potential passion, adventure, a project, or even a creative force, the Ace of Wands encompasses all of those things. I approached the painting with fire, delicacy, and curiosity.

The card typically depicts a flowering branch held by a hand, and a large cloud above it. While paying homage to the well-known versions of the Ace of Wands, I chose to create a blossoming rose wand as a focal point of the painting. Behind and above the wand is a fiery nebula. Looking in awe and reaching forward from the background is a cyborg goddess. Emitting the same emotion that stems from the interpretation of the card, I wanted her to be captivated by the potential that envelopes a blossom. And, just as we are all beings of stardust, so too is a flower and everything around us. We are the epitome of celestial promise.  

Card Meaning 

A cyborg watches two natural miracles unfold before her – a fiery nebula and a wand, magically blossoming into a rose. She is entranced by the power of these, each a beginning of sorts, both amazing, but also very different. Such passion on her face, almost desperation!  

When this card appears in a reading, it’s demanding your attention. A flash of creative energy burning inside you, introducing you to a world of endless possibilities, inspiring you to act. And making you miserable if you don’t. Remembering that every creation, every beginning is its own wondrous phenomenon, it’s time to go for it. To create your own miracle. With this intensity and drive within, you can’t fail.  

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