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Artist:  Felicia Cano

Website:  http://www.feliciacano.com


Committed, reliable, methodical 

Artist Interpretation     

I illustrated the Knight of Pentacles. I wanted to stay faithful to the traditional card illustration of a knight on a horse but give it a sense of otherworldliness.

Card Meaning 

An alien Knight rides a many tentacled beast across an unknown landscape. But he does not seem to be in a rush, his mount is slow and steady…a good thing for him, as his eyes are not on the path ahead. HIs focus is not on the area around him, instead, his eyes are firmly on a huge coin in his hand. There are no distractions for him out here, the land seems mostly barren and empty, and he appears to be alone on his journey to who knows where.

When this card appears in a reading, it’s time to be responsible, and careful. To knuckle down and finish the task at hand. It is reminding you that success is a long journey, and that you need to be dogged in chasing your dreams – it will not always be fun or glamorous, but the rewards will be worth it in the end…if you stick with it and don7t end up resenting the work ahead of you…

It’s time to keep your eyes on the prize and dig in, give it your all…if you’re already doing this, maybe the card is suggesting that you are the Knight of Pentacles at this moment, and need to let go of the reins a little.  

The Knight of Pentacles can represent a committed, responsible, even stolid person who is within your life at the moment. Someone who possesses great dedication and just will not give up.  

A bit of a perfectionist, this person embraces the opportunity to clear their plate, taking pride in each item ticked off their to-do list.  

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