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Artist:  Teal Newcomb

Website:  http://www.metalkirin.com


Serenity, new chances for love, intimacy 

Artist Interpretation 

The Cups suit is associated with emotional events and revelations. As Aces are associated with new beginnings, the Ace of Cups often signifies coming happiness through a new relationship or general success. The Cups suit’s element of water features heavily in my card design, the classically depicted five streams of water pour from the cup – representing the five senses, reminding us to trust in our senses, heart and intuition. Bright colors and verdant, floral subject matter accentuate the positive aspects of this card, this card is often associated with fertility, and the bird like alien creatures happily bond with their new family.  

Card Meaning 

A bird-like alien scoops water from an outlandish plant, his cup, from which five streams flow. This is life-giving fluid that he is bringing to his new family, his mate and chicks waiting in a nest nearby. The love they feel flooding their senses and coloring every action from now on.

When this card appears in a reading, you are being offered an opportunity for spiritual and emotional growth. Right now, love and connection are key aspects of your life, even if you are not fully aware of them. Spend some time getting in touch with your emotions. Learn to trust your feelings more, and to listen to your intuition, let them guide you to a more emotional and spiritual peace.

In your day to day life, look for chances to let compassion flourish over cynicism, to view the world through rose-tinted glasses a bit more. Where you may usually react with anger or frustration, try to react more with forgiveness and understanding. To show sympathy for what someone else is going through, rather than consider only how it affects you.

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