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Artist:  Carla Morrow

Website:  http://www.dragonladyart.com


Recognition, triumph, achievement 

Artist Interpretation 

A white dragon, a symbol of strength, vitality and purity flies upwards through the night on wings made of the vastness of space – symbolizing all the work that has gone into everything he has done. He passes in front of the sun, rays exploding around him. This is his moment in the sun. The point at which all that he was worked so hard for comes to the highest point and he is rewarded. He carries a wreath clutched to his chest as a physical manifestation of accomplishment. There is a joyous feeling of celebration in the air around him and the stars themselves bear witness and give praise.

This card symbolizes the pinnacle, the height of achievement in whatever you have been working so hard on.

Card Meaning 

When this card appears in a reading, it is a welcome prospect to see.  

Finally, your hard work is being recognised…even if the rewards themselves haven’t materialized yet, they’re on their way. And when they arrive, don’t hide away, even if you’re not naturally inclined to accept compliments or praise. Understand that we all need to be appreciated, and how important it is that your time and effort are acknowledged. Embrace this tribute, revel in it – it’s due…more than due. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight, and use it. Let it warm you, spur you on and inspire you further. Use this positive feedback, and the joy you feel in this moment to lift you past all the challenges still in your way…there’s still plenty of trials still out there to face. A lot of hard work still to do before you have completed your task. This is a stepping stone to your goal, rather than the end of your journey. Don’t let yourself get complacent… it’s not time to rest on your laurels just yet.

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