New Moon in Capricorn – Tuesday, January 16, 2018 9:17pm EST

Your karma is on the move at this New Moon in Capricorn; the Universe is poised to reward you with a stroke of good luck for a job well done. My, how times have changed. What must you give up in order to move forward now? Your perception of a particular situation has evolved immensely, and you no longer are seeing things the same. You are prepared to wrap things up in a neat package, tie it with a bow, and move on to the next part of your journey. Do not forget we are in eclipse season now, and by the time the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo arrives in two weeks, on the 31st, you are ready to turn your back on something which had a place in your life for a very long time.

Intuitively, you now know the difference in what can make you happy in life. Any sadness and disappointments which you may have experienced have no place in your future, and you are more than ready for the change. In the coming weeks, you will be making life-altering decisions, which will ultimately give you an entirely new lease on life. You already possess some of the answers you need, you merely need to tap into them and trust your gut instincts. As you prepare for this next phase of your journey which is coming, you are holding on dearly to what is yours, and that is not to be confused with what you are willing to abandon to make things happen your way.

The New Moon offers up the potential for increased recovery on your behalf. You have already been through the hard times, now you are working your way, not back to the old you, but forward in the discovery of the new you, and you need to allow yourself to heal and recover. There is a new creative process taking place which will aid you in manifestation. No longer will you accept the status quo; if it does not suit you, you will learn new ways and methods to help you make progress. Chart your progress from New Moon to New Moon, to New Moon, to New Moon, and see where you wind up in April. I think you will be surprised.

I have prepared a special, in-depth Tarot Guidance for this New Moon in Capricorn (20:48 in length). It is available through Patreon as part of a $5 per month pledge, which also includes 2 Full Moons, Venus and Mars, along with all 12 Sun signs.  Be sure to download the Patreon app, log in and enjoy! It is also available for separate purchase through YouTube. 

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