Featured Card of the Day – 2 of Swords – 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space 

Artist:  Evgeniya Golik

Website:  http://www.evgolafineart.com


Stalemate, balance, avoidance 

Artist Interpretation 

I was asked by one of the founders, what I’m into more “light and happy” or “darkness and grief”. I’ve never really asked myself that question, so it was a self- defining moment. I realized that I’m not on either side. The message in my artwork is about balancing between those two, about light among darkness. The light shines brighter when it’s streaming through the darkness, when you can really feel the contrast of opposites. So I got a perfect card to work on – it was a lot of self-exploring and self-understanding. Everyone has light and dark side, and those two swords are given to us not necessarily for a fight, but for balance, as long as we can keep them in the right position while we walk through life. My internal fight became an acceptance that lead to peace. I felt such strong connection with this card! And quite honestly it was a difficult relationship with my art piece in the process of creation, love-hate kind, but we are still good friends and talk to each other after all.

Card Meaning 

Standing between the darkness and the light, an alien warrior stands, two swords aloft in her hands, braced to face whatever comes her way. But her eyes are covered, and she is not moving – not toward a foe, to resolve the conflict, or away from it, to retreat and fight another day. She is motionless and poised. Waiting…

When this card appears in a reading, it is advising that you can’t keep putting this off. You’re inactive, avoiding the issue, and while it may be working to keeping the peace, it’s a temporary solution, at best. At worst, you could be causing yourself more problems by burying your head in the stand and denying how you really feel. You need to take a hard look at the situation, and make an informed choice, then move forward with your decision, and act!

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