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Artist:  Chris Sedgwick

Website:  http://www.crsedgwick.com


Trust, eternity, true partnership, dedication 

Artist Interpretation 

To me, this card represents the coming together of opposites. This is not without apprehension though. The clouds subs in for “Annvs Ventorum” or “The year of the winds” while “Annvs Solaris” reads in Latin “The year of the sun” and “Annvs Stellatus” reads “The year of the stars”. The sun (golden and yellow) represents the male force and the stars (blue and below) represent the female force; so the figures are shown in between these forces. She blows flowers and stars over him as the left “constellation hand” from the clouds above drops stars, runic symbols, and alchemical symbols on to her…they are at harmony with and a symbolic metaphor for the universe and its parts becoming whole.  

Card Meaning 

Two lovers kneel on individual lily pads, conducting a rite. She is naked, save for a sash of silver, lined in blue. He is clothed, wearing a blue sash. Her hands are cupped, open to the cosmos, receiving stars and flowers, gently blowing them over him. He is linking heaven and earth, his one hand touching the ground, while the other points to the heavens. She gives, he receives. Both independent, but a unified couple, marked by their corresponding sashes and closeness. ​

When this card appears in a reading, it is warning that your values and beliefs will soon be tested. It’s important to stay true to yourself, and your heart – even if the situation and people around you are trying to push you in a different direction. Even in a partnership – when two become one, you don’t need to lose yourself…indeed, to be truly happy, you can’t afford to.  

Astrological Element and Association 

Air / Gemini

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