Through the Eyes of Tarot – Mars in Sagittarius – January 26 through March 17, 2018

Hopefully while Mars was in home sign of Scorpio you utilized this serious aggressive energy to put all of your plans for 2018 into action. It will be a while before Mars is back in Scorpio. Now in Sagittarius, Mars will be in a new area of your chart, and you may feel the energy is less intense. If you allow yourself to put your feet up and take it easy, or find you have an overwhelming drive to go have fun, things could come to a screeching halt. You need to remain grounded and present if you wish to see success with your endeavors. People are taking notice of your efforts, and recognition for a job well done can come your way. However, that job is not complete; it would be advisable to investigate all different approaches to achieving a successful outcome.

The saying, “I have bigger fish to fry”, comes to mind. You are not concerning yourself with life’s disappointments; if something did not work out in the past, you have moved on and you have chosen to put your creativity into something which can really showcase your talents. It is not a challenge at all to create an entirely new life now. It may not happen overnight, but you have everything you need available to you to create the abundance you desire and bring your projects to fruition. By not focusing on anything in life which you may have previously considered to be a failure, and deeming it to be something which merely did not work out, you are able to harness your energy for good, and devote yourself to the more promising tasks-at-hand.

It is as though intuitively you are starting to “get it”. They say hindsight is 20/20, and if you knew then what you know now, well, you know how that goes. There is a tremendous focus toward manifesting security in your life. Where your energy is being placed now can truly help you put an end to unfounded worries. You are building a stronger fortress for your life, one with an incredibly stable foundation. Your path has become clearer, and you can now map out your future for yourself.

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