Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Are you ready? Positivity abounds at this Full Moon. Relationships are highlighted, and the truth which is necessary to make or break a particular commitment. Even if you are severing a relationship, it is showing that the future holds so much more for you. You may find yourself in awe of the good luck which is coming your way toward your hopes and dreams. Remember, eclipses are not just active on the day that they happen. It is likely that whatever is really moving forward in your world takes place over the next couple of months. Keep your eye on April, for you may wish to throw a party, as you see your wishes coming to fruition.

There is a strength of purpose now, associated with the new identity which you have been creating for yourself in recent months. Through your choices, and don’t beat yourself up thinking you need to choose right now, give yourself until the end of February, and you will be amazed at the changes you can create. Eclipses tend to create a whirlwind of events, and, choosing before they pass may only cause you to have to choose twice. Once the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on February 15 has occurred, you will recognize the crossroads and the success you can create for your future by June.

Feeling really organized about life, and being honest with yourself and others, putting your priorities in order, helps you to avoid the temptations and the pitfalls which may have held you back in the past. There is a special kind of determination present in your demeanor, this time things will be different. You are the master of your destiny and can soon stand out, head and shoulders above the rest. The best part is that you can feel it and know it.

Life will always contain some form of chaos, but who you are becoming, handling life’s adversities becomes easier, and averting any crises which may crop up, does not seem overwhelming. You are entering a glorious cycle of self, one where you and the Universe are conversing quite nicely. You are grounded more than you have ever been, and capable of better relationships and choosing wisely for your future.

I have prepared a special, in-depth Tarot Guidance, 23:07 in length, for this power-packed Full Moon. It is available through Patreon as part of a $5 per month subscription, or for purchase separately through YouTube. To join, download the Patreon app, login and enjoy! https://patreon.com/tarotbycecelia/

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