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Artist:  Brenda Lyons

Website:  http://www.falconmoon.com


Truth, clarity, focus, objectivity

Artist Interpretation 

The Ace of Swords is loosely based on the Eagle Nebula, as swords are an air suit, with a comet for the sword itself. I tried to tie in some of the original card’s symbolism, such as a ‘crown’ around the tip of the blade and the bright comet (the sword) breaking through the murkiness of the dark, symbolizing that moment of discovered intellect.

Card Meaning 

In the deepest reaches of space, a strong celestial bird grips a comet as it hurtles through space, bringing light to the darkness and burning through all of the clouds and obstacles in its pathway. Nothing can stand in its way, as it charges forward, a force of nature that is absolute on its journey.

When this card appears in a reading, it is advising you that the time has come for careful, logical, thought and objectivity.

An opportunity for a new way of thinking, a deeper understanding and clarity is being offered to you. To reach it, you need to cut away all the “fluff” and nonsense that is confusing the issue and make ethical, honest thinking your priority.

Do not let emotions cloud the issue, but instead rely upon cold, hard facts. Analyze the situation carefully, think things through and get right to the heart of the matter. Allow yourself the chance to reach your “eureka” moment – the lightbulb that chases away the shadows and lets you see clearly, guiding you effortlessly into a new way of seeing things, and knowing what you need to do.

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