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Artist:  Pee Monster



Hard times, despair, insecurity, rejection 

Artist Interpretation

The difficulties of finances have come to an all-time high, and your highs have reached an all-time low… what is left?

It appears there is nothing left for you in this time as you return to the simplest form of “you”, the “you” that you had tucked away for so long in pursuit of that which was on the outside of you.

The difficulties of going without are not easy… but perhaps this is the chance for the real “you” to resurface and reclaim what was once yours and rediscover once again the deepness of your own roots in this world. Perhaps it is a chance to reactivate those roots and nourish and grow into a far more loving version of what “you” is truly meant to mean. Perhaps its times like these where we’ve seemingly lost all that we can then look up and see more clearly that which we truly need.

Card Meaning 

On a dark night, a young man is on his knees. Houses surround him, but no welcome can be found. Dark windows and closed doors are all that face him. But a pentacle moon shines down upon him, illuminating four more pentacles that surround him on the ground. Slowly, hopefully, he raises his face to the light, not yet seeing what lies before him…

When this card appears in a reading, it is a warning, and you should listen. Things have been hard recently, practically and financially, at times, but currently, you are giving these trials more power than they deserve. Energy that you could be spending on better things. You’re running on empty…your stresses and worries taking a toll on your spirit and body, and dragging you down. But sinking into hopelessness will prevent you from seeing the opportunities that lie before you. There is hope….keep looking up!

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