Venus in Pisces – February 10 through March 6, 2018

This can be a successful cycle, provided you do not dwell on negative thoughts or events. You can form stronger bonds within a particular relationship, and perhaps achieve a better understanding and perspective of how things could be. Your reputation can be at stake here, and proceeding in a steady, meticulous manner, can produce fantastic results in the next couple of months. Part of the success which you can achieve now is freedom from something which caused you a tremendous amount of disappointment. There is so much more which awaits you.

Learning to separate yourself from the past, and being able to retain any of the good memories. At the Full Moon in Virgo, on March 1, you may find yourself ready to celebrate. If you have been holding too tightly to something, at this time you may be asked by the Universe to let it go. It is like shedding an old skin, and you gain more control by eliminating a painful situation without strongarming anyone.

On your merry way! Rebirth is yours, and a new beginning is at hand. There is a much more carefree existence which you are experiencing, and you are more willing to take a chance on what you want. Security remains your ultimate goal, but, intuitively, you know you’ve got this. Life continues to transition, as the caterpillar prepares to become the butterfly. Go deep within to find your strength and remain in tune with your truth. If you have been paying attention, not only is this cycle meaningful to you, you will leave it with more wisdom than when it began.

I have prepared a special Tarot Guidance for Venus In Pisces (22:59 in length), available for purchase separately through YouTube, or as part of a Patreon subscription of $5 per month, which includes 15-20 other in-depth readings per month. Download the Patreon app, login and enjoy!

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