The Path You’ve Chosen – February, 2018

Just look at you go! This new identity thing appears to be working well for so many of you. Finally, you feel as though you have a handle on things, taking charge of your life and your decisions, even relationship matters. Something is brewing around the time of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, so expect the Universe to be kicking up some dust. This can conceivably alter the course of your choices, but stand strong in your convictions. You will be able to put at least one issue to rest at the time of the New Moon. Do not cave, or engage, should others try to create conflict, as eclipses have a way of ending things permanently.

There is a flurry of activity and communication headed your way; the changes can be numerous now. Your stability has greatly improved, and you are much more grounded. Taking a practical approach to a matter can produce very liberating results for you, as you continue to put the hard times in your rearview mirror. Try not to do anything incredibly risky now, as there could be pitfalls and speedbumps ahead to veer you off course. Working with a solid plan will aid you greatly.

Aside from seeking your dreams of happiness, so many of you are looking for stability, fairness and balance in your every day existence. You have the answers within to help you achieve the justice you feel you deserve, and you will have the clarity to make the right moves to help you regain a foothold on your power. Truly, you are the one creating your own abundance, through your diligent efforts, and attention to detail. Continue to whittle away at that list you have been tackling this year, and, if you look around at the world, you may very well feel that you have become the calm in the midst of a stormy sea.

Eyeing new roads which lead to all kinds of exciting new changes, and even some new beginnings. What has been simmering on the back burner for you will soon be ready. The time is now to step into your power like never before; the fog is clearing and your hopes and dreams are right in front of you. Your karma is on the move and even more changes are imminent. The Universe decides to throw in a dash of good luck to sweeten the pot.

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