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Artist:  Ravynne Phelan

Website:  http://www.ravynnephelan.com


Maternal, practical, dependable 

Artist Interpretation 

The Queen of Pentacles, to me, represents the earth mother. She is a loving nurturer; the one who holds and protects, heals, supports, provides, and sustains, as well as the abundant creator.

This is why I chose to portray her in the form of a tree who both supports and shelters. She is the abundant creator, mother of planets, but also a skilled multitasker who juggles many responsibilities with a smile.  

Card Meaning 

A radiant celestial being floats within the deepest reaches of space, illuminating and nurturing. Tree branches and leaves grow from her, a pentacle in her hand already surrounded by roots and blossoms that burst forth from her fingers. Three planets gravitate around her, their orbit paths connecting at her core. These planets themselves are blue and green, lush planets, burgeoning with fertility and fully capable of supporting their own life-forms within the galaxy.

When this card appears in a reading, it’s time to employ some practicality and common sense. To favor simple, yet elegant solutions to the issues you face, over grand plans that will take a lot more effort. You don’t have time for flowery gestures, not as you want to devote as much time and energy to friends and family as to work. It’s time to be matter of fact and perform a phenomenal juggling act. But you’re not afraid of hard work…you relish it.  

The Queen of Pentacles can also signify a mother Earth figure, a welcoming, caring person who is within your life. A warm figure who manages their temper and remains patient and nurturing, despite the challenges that life throws their way.

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