Featured Card of the Day – Page of Wands – 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space 

Artist:  Carrie Hawks

Website:  http://www.tigerpixie.com


Originality, creativity, enthusiasm 

Artist Interpretation 

The Page of Wands is a fire card representing exploration, discovery, enthusiasm & a free spirit. I decided to portray my Page of Wands as Cyborg Explorer Kitten “Cy” with his Space Salamander sidekick “Sal”! Cy & Sal are excited to explore this unknown purple planet with its three mountains & distant star filled galaxies. The red feather of accomplishment from the traditional card is symbolized as part of Cy’s red cyborg eye. I brought the symbol of the tail chasing salamander from the traditional card to life by Sal riding on the Cy’s tail. The wand has many fire elements such as the moon glyph for fire, under that the fiery healing crystal Carnelian, and then the elemental symbol for Fire. Cy & Sal are enthusiastic space explorers with a passion for discovering their destiny!

Card Meaning 

When this card appears in a reading, it is suggesting that this is a time to grab at life with both hands and see where spontaneity and passion can lead you. Go on a journey of discovery – take a chance, be impulsive and play outside the rules for a change! Have some fun, be spontaneous, indulge in your passions and creativity – tackle a new challenge, or try a novel approach with an older issue. If only for a short while, try to ignore your daily cares and worries, the stresses and doubts that come with day to day life, and have some fun!

The Page of Wands can also signify a person around you – a young person, or one young at heart. This is someone who jumps into life, rather than walking through it. An energetic person who brings you chances for passion and creativity, offering you an opportunity to indulge your more adventurous side, the parts of you who yearn to throw caution to the winds and grab some excitement…

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