Featured Card of the Day – The Hanged Man – 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space

Artist:  Pierre Carles 

Website:  http://www.pierrecarles.com


Reflection, sacrifice, isolation 

Artist Interpretation 

In my interpretation, an astronaut hangs from the tangled life-line of his space ship. He floats, helpless, with a sense of peril (the skull in the helmet), but also with a feeling of serenity (expressed by the soft color scheme) as he floats in zero gravity in the perfect silence of space.  

A hidden message lies in the name tag on his chest, reading BRAHIC. An homage to astronomer André Brahic, who died in 2016. One of this time’s most respected minds, he was an unforgettable teacher and enthusiastic Science popularizer. But the core reason why he belongs in this card is that we owe him the discovery of Neptune’s rings.  

The Card’s Message by Trish Sullivan

An astronaut hangs upside down, suspended in space, by the life-line that connects him to his space ship. His life is potentially in the balance – the echo of a skull appears on his helmet, but he does not thrash or kick. He does not grab onto the life-line and pull himself towards safety, he seems at ease with his predicament. What can he see from his position? We cannot know without altering our viewpoint to match his.  

When this card appears in a reading, it is indicating that you need to open your mind and let go. You can’t always find the best solution by keeping a tight control on the situation. Walk away, get a bit of space. Allow yourself to see a larger picture, rather than give yourself tunnel vision. Right now, you need to consider all the points of view, and change your perspective, even make sacrifices, in order to achieve your long term goals.

Astrological Element and Association 

Neptune / Water

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