Featured Card of the Day – The Magician – 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space

Artist:  Stanley Morrison

Website:  http://www.stanleymorrison.com


Power of self, innovation, personal experience

Artist Interpretation 

The Magician crouches over a floating table which is a piece of an obelisk full of stars. Along the broken edges are glowing alien primordial element symbols of alchemists in pure white and red light. A mental energy pulsates between its antennas over its head in the form of an eternity symbol. The Magicians belt is also an eternity symbol of an alien xenomorph-type snake biting its own tail. Behind the Magician is the planet Mercury that magician is associated with. Classic looking saucer ships seem to come from the planet, also are meant to convey the connection with Mercury. His right hand levitates a wand raised in front of the galaxy’s center, which is channeling power from the universe to his left hand pointing to the hologram of earth on the table to direct it to the physical plane.

The Card’s Message by Trish Sullivan

A powerful alien lord surveys a dais decked with the symbols of the Tarot suits, and a globe, representing his universal power and control. His spacesuit is white, illustrating that his motives are pure, his purpose is just. His scepter is raised, drawing energy directly from the cosmos, funneling it through himself to the items before him. This is his power to command, a force that he can channel however he sees fit.​

When this card appears in a reading, it is reminding you that you already have everything that you need within you. Your knowledge and experience are more than enough – just keep your focus and unlock your potential. Keep your confidence and don’t let worry or doubt hold you back – YOU are all you need to power through.

Astrological Element and Association 

Air / Mercury

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