Through the Eyes of Tarot – Uranus in Taurus – May 15, 2018 through April 26, 2026



What’s love got to do with it? Expect changes to begin to come in at a rapid pace. Relationships, even marriages, are switching cycles now, one could begin to pursue divorce, enter into negotations, see the commencement of arguments which begs for change, or even sudden decisions to take a relationship to the next level. You have the potential for creating change, and, one must keep in mind, that new cycles beginning are also an indication of old ones coming to an end. Therefore, things which had been simmering on the back burner, due to delay after delay, suddenly find themselves coming to the forefront and being handled. Things will proceed more smoothly if all parties involved can come together on the same page. News of change all around you, and for you, may be swirling at this time, as the suddenness of Uranus-based events tend to propel one forward in new directions without a moment’s notice. What is your superpower? Now is the time to put your mad skills to work with the promise of producing results.

The fear of something going wrong, simply because things have gone so wrong in the past, is something which you need to put out of your mind. Do not doubt yourself; allay your fears, and those of others by spreading positivity in your wake. Something which you have been waiting for, and wanting to manifest, will finally be yours; the time to take action with this issue which has been hanging over you for so long will be betwen the Sun entering Gemini and the Solstice in June. Your prayers are being answered and the storm clouds are parting giving way to brighter days.

Mother Earth shall figure strongly into this transit and she will not stand for those who wish to betray her. If there has been tomfoolery, and people have tried to deceive one another, and pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, those masks shall be removed. The tide is turning when it comes to luck, so if luck is not something to which you are accustomed, expect it to start dropping; the victories may be small, but overall they are mighty. Disarmament on a global scale can become a real thing, while it may not be widespread, we can see the removal of weaponry from those who would misuse it.

If you are truly in tune with your path, you will begin to see new growth. Your knowledge within and without will help to increase your intuition and guide you toward your goals. Respectfully ask others for guidance toward your destination whenever necessary. The growth of your creativity is beginning to blossom now, and through Divine Intervention you can begin again; a fresh start is on the horizon, allowing you to step up and take charge of the vision you have for your change. There is a great deal of grounding energy available to you now, and truly this time period is in some way allowing you to step into your power and take charge of your life in a brand new way.

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