Full Moon in Sagittarius – Tuesday, May 29, 2018 10:19am EST

Taking charge of your happiness! What do you envision for yourself? Between now and the New Moon in Gemini you have the opportunity to make things happen. Keep your home base in mind and what will create a secure environment for you and those you love for the long haul. At this time, Mercury will also be entering home sign of Gemini, and the contacts you make over these next two weeks will help you seal the deal. If you have been wanting to put life in order in a fashion which feels much more organized to you, do it now; you will have gained a great deal of wisdom by the Solstice in June.

Maintaining blind faith in the Universe leads to victory before the end of June. Saturn, which may have been like the proverbial monkey on your back is done with you in a particular area now that this six-month cycle is completed at the time of the Full Moon. Indeed one can watch life play out by the phases of the Moon, but the results of this one will ultimately give you more to hold onto; you can take that to the bank. A victory which comes your way brings a sense of tranquility, knowing the Universe has your back.

You want so badly to move forward toward your hopes and dreams; this can feel stressful at times, if you let it. Do not allow yourself to be anxious if everything you want does not show up in a day simply because you overcame a major hurdle. Try to look at things from all sides, so that if you hit a little speedbump with one of your goals, you will know that it will come your way when the timing is right. For now, strive to keep the peace with those around you; you do not need to lead your life by a timetable. Open up your creative side and allow your intuition to flow.  Be sure to listen to my Special, in-depth Tarot Guidance for the Full Moon in Sagittarius, 26:29 in length, available as part of a $5 per month Patreon subscription https://patreon.com/tarotbycecelia/ or on Facebook in my Special Tarot Guidance Members Only Area.  www.22s.com/023966

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