Through the Eyes of Tarot – Uranus Retrograde – August 7, 2018 through January 6, 2019

Wipe away the tears and turn your back on any losses or disappointments which you may have incurred. Shut that door firmly and prepare for new beginnings chock full of abundance. Bear in mind that Uranus does things in a very unorthodox manner, so it can bring both endings and beginnings quite abruptly, not leaving you time to pick up the pieces. Focus on that which is whole and good in your life, and before Uranus backpedals into Aries on November 6 you will have found reason to celebrate, likely by the tail-end of October. There is a tremendous urge to break out and break free from that which binds you. The opportunity will present itself to you by November.

Success over struggles is possible; you may have been feeling disillusioned after encountering a brick wall more times than you care to count. Uranus will remove the barriers on your path when the timing is right. In the meantime, maintain balance through patience and moderation; be mindful of your health. There will be breakthroughs and victories along the way, but, remember, no matter how large a part Uranus plays, your hard work and meticulous attention to details truly matters.

For some there will be a truce with another, while for others there will be a stalemate. It would serve you well to accept that everything in the Universe runs in cycles, and that if the Universe is holding you up there must be something you have been missing. Only when everyone has come together on the same page and is seeing eye-to-eye can the cycle be complete. There is no being prepared during this retrograde. What you anticipate will not likely happen; a scenario which you could never have foreseen will take you by surprise and redirect you. Freedom is on the horizon and its story plays out between November and April. Stay tuned. Don’t forget to check out my Special Tarot Guidance for Uranus Retrograde 21:12 in length available now on the Patreon app at the $5 tier. To download the Patreon app go to ~ or follow me on Facebook in my Special Tarot Guidance Members Only Area

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