The Path You’ve Chosen – August, 2018

Can it be that your big transition is finally arriving? It is important to remember that it is not an overnight thing, but there appears to be a door which needs to be firmly shut by the time of the Full Moon in Pisces. Continue to go with the flow and manage your priorities as current energies may still leave you feeling as though you are scratching and crawling your way to the rewards which you seek. The hard times they were a bit burdensome, to say the least, but things are about to begin leveling out over the coming months.

Perhaps you have needed patience with the Leo energy, and the eclipses may have thrown in a few stressors for you. Bide your time until the New Moon at Virgo, as it will indeed help usher in a great deal of change. By then, you will be up for the challenge of creating your changes, and the Virgo energy which will be present will be very beneficial to you. Not being overbearing and demanding will prove to have its advantages, so, by not being in someone’s face about a sensitive subject, you will have been successful in navigating, and yes, perhaps even manipulating a touchy situation. There are new beginnings available to you and change is definitely on its way.

Home, sweet home, or whatever it is that floats your boat and brings you comfort will be on your mind. This transition is all about your happiness, and you will find yourself giving this happiness careful consideration, no longer willing to settle. The Universe is helping with any struggles which you may have been having, and, as we pull away from the retrogrades they will become less and less. You are ready and poised to take on whatever comes your way.

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