Card of the Day – The Sun – Sunday, September 16, 2018

We just saw this card three weeks ago on a Sunday, and, I must admit, even if the Sun is not shining in your neck of the woods, this is indeed a wonderful card for a Sunday. Yes, the Sun gives life and vitality, and a wonderful overall feeling of positivity when one is able to bask in its rays. So, too, does the Sun card. The Universe is shining its favor upon you.

Use today to enjoy some good, old-fashioned fun, if possible. The card in these last few days have been leaning toward finding that bright spot in your day…every single day. It does wonders for the soul. And, don’t forget to go forth and spread your own sunshine today, bringing warmth and positive vibes to all you meet.

See you here tomorrow!

Source: Vision Quest Tarot

This card was last seen August 26, 2018

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