Featured Card of the Day – The Sun – New Babylonian Tarot by Roxana Paul

Artist: Roxana Paul

Website: http://www.roxanapaul.com

Artist Interpretation

Two infants sleep peacefully in a walled garden. Behind them on the wall is a stone tablet which depicts the Babylonian sun-god Shamash seated on the throne with a ring and staff, symbolizing his authority, in his hands. In the center of the tablet is a Sumerian four-ray Sun image.

Card Meaning

Each morning Shamash, “the Light that All Sees,” rises on the East above the horizon to vitalize, purify, and regenerate all on earth. He brings radiance, warmth, and clarity before finally exiting through the West Gate. The Sun-Shamash scatters darkness and brings wrong and injustice to light. He is also a divine healer and great liberator who releases people from demonic powers.

The Sun is a symbol of physical life and vitality as well as a sign of spiritual enlightenment. This card promises enthusiasm, fresh ideas, and clarity of thoughts. It brings intellectual things to light to obtain new comprehension and fresh ideas, realize the truth, and understand the matter through clarity of thought. Worshiping the sun-god gets a person charged up, attaining a high level of insight, feeling joy, and being overflown with enthusiasm.

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