Featured Card of the Day – 10 of Wands – New Babylonian Tarot by Roxana Paul

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Artist: Roxana Paul

Website: http://www.roxanapaul.com


Responsibility, burden. Feeling tension, having a hard task to perform.

Artist Interpretation

A man walks along a narrow paved road, carrying ten wands. It is a desert country outside the city with a ziggurat (a rectangular terraced Babylonian temple) on the horizon. The man looks overloaded with his burden and walks with difficulty, bending forward. Nevertheless, he continues his journey as if he feels his responsibilities.

Card Meaning

Ten of Wands represents a situation where a burden is too big, or a task is too complicated. Persistence is needed in this case as well as lightening the load or using the help of others. The significant features of this card are the following:
– fighting hard;
– being overburdened;
– feeling responsibilities;
– having no relaxation.

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