Featured Card of the Day – Queen of Cups – New Babylonian Tarot by Roxana Paul

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Artist: Roxana Paul

Website: http://www.roxanapaul.com


Emotional security, empathy. Accepting unconditionally, being sensitive to the feelings of people.

Artist Interpretation

A queen in a blue gown sits on the throne made in the shape of a shell with a cup in her hand. Her throne stands by the wall decorated with the Babylonian bas-reliefs. Two torches illuminate the scene with the dim light. It is all blue in this picture, symbolizing energy of this card: Water, energy of feelings and emotions.

Card Meaning

Queen of Cups is a romantic, creative, and artistic person, sometimes with psychic or spiritual abilities. Her path in the world is guided by feelings and intuition rather than logic. The distinguishing characteristics of this card are the following:
– understanding others feelings;
– trusting intuition;
– being guided by heart;
– having a bond with people.

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