Newsletter – November/December and Beyond

Hey, everyone! It has been a while; I have only been trying to write this Newsletter since September! I hope this finds you well and navigating this tail-end of 2018 like a champ. Yes, Mercury is still retrograde, and Venus remains in shadow, but, for all intents and purposes, we are in the home stretch. I thought this would be a good time to catch up with you on what is going on in the Universe and my world as well.

We are fresh off a Full Moon which occurred at 0° Gemini. I am here to remind you that 0° and 29° are both very karmic degrees, with 0° representing beginnings and 29° being all about endings. You may be sitting there thinking that Full Moons are all about endings and letting go, and yes, you would be correct. But, there appears to be some significance to this part of the story, so bear with me here. We will actually have a total of five Full Moons in a row at 0°, with the third being a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 0° Leo. By the time we get to April, we will have a Full Moon in Libra at 29°. By now, there are probably lightbulbs going off in your head.

That is just a small peak into what is to come. I want to let you know everything I am doing, including a General Overview for 2019. I expect it to be out on December 18, and obviously I will be discussing all things Full Moons, Eclipses, and the like, to give you insight into the coming year, as we see significant events unfold over the coming months. The General Tarot Guidance for all signs reading will be available two ways. It will be on Patreon as part of a $10 per month subscription, or available through a pop-up Members Only Area on Facebook. This will not be a stand-alone video, as there will also be 12 individually-released sun signs. The 2019 Sun Signs individual Tarot Guidances will also be available at the $10 Patreon tier. They will also be available separately, for a one-time fee, through my Facebook Members Only, and each will be bundled with the 2019 General Tarot Guidance Overview. I am sorry, but I do not currently know of any means to accommodate those who wish to listen on YouTube.  Sun Sign Tarot Guidance readings for December and January will be available as usual.

Here are the individual Members Only links:

Please note, you are welcome to join now, but the videos will not be available until December 18, or after.  I will probably publish the links on December 7, but, for the purpose of  joining, they are available now.

Aries –

Taurus –

Gemini –

Cancer –

Leo –

Virgo –

Libra –

Scorpio –

Sagittarius –

Capricorn –

Aquarius –

Pisces –

Feel free to check these out now, or save this Newsletter so you have the links available to you for later. These links are not yet published, so the artwork associated with them is not likely visible. But, I do want to give a shout out to my friend, Deja Osbourne, of DejaDrewit, for providing us with these images from her upcoming deck, soon to be released.

We have seen so many energy shifts occur during this month of November alone. It is likely that some of these have felt more significant than all of the heavy-duty energies which caught your attention over July and August. Jupiter is now in Sagittarius, home to Jupiter, to stay through December 2, 2019. This means Jupiter is in a much better place to sprinkle you with its blessings and increased optimism. The North and South Nodes have switched from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn, and we will find ourselves discussing a whole new set of topics over the next 18 months. Uranus is currently a holdout in the retrograde column, having returned to Aries, where Uranus will stay until March 6, of 2019. After that, Uranus will not return to Aries for another 84 years! So, let’s hope you have checked out my Uranus in Aries video to see what it is all about for you, as you will want the topics involved to be resolved. I do believe that those first five karmic Full Moons mentioned above are lining up to help you do this.

Have you had the opportunity to listen to the December Love and Finance Tarot Guidance yet? I tried to put that one out early, so as to give you a feel for what is on tap, not just in the coming month, but for months to come. One of the most significant events of the month, aside from being on the other side of the Venus and Mercury retrogrades, will be Mars making its way home to Aries on December 31, just in time to kick your New Year off with a bang. You will love the fire which Mars will light under you then, giving you the impetus to tackle that proverbial list of New Year’s resolutions.

How about a paragraph about me? This has been quite the year. Most of you know that friends of mine died in February in a tragic car accident, which put me in a position of needing to move. Since then, it has been one thing after another, mostly health-related. Like every one of you who has something on their plate, this is my main area which has me stymied, as I try to work things out and regain a portion of my former self. At this point I know that there is a large mass, thought to be a cyst, which has been growing and pushing on my internal organs. Do not worry, for I am not in pain from this, but it has caused several issues, including the ability to sit in the same place for extended periods, which is why I am not currently doing personal readings. Once this is removed, and I begin to heal, I will be able to address my ability to do them once again. For the time being, I spend a great deal of my time working from bed, one of the only comfortable positions I seem to find. Thank you to those who have taken the time to check in on me and offer support and prayers. It is greatly appreciated.

One of my from-bed projects is figuring out how to continue to bring you whichever type of guidance may suit you without any down time. It is both my hope, and plan, that when I have to go for surgery, Tarot by Cecelia will be on autopilot, whether you are a subscriber, or simply tune into random posts. I will have a better handle on this once the Mercury retrograde passes, which is why I am currently saying December 18 for all of the 2019 Tarot Guidances. You never know what that little trickster may do!

The holiday season is underway for many, and navigating it with a Mercury retrograde is not the easiest of things to do. Retrograde Mercury will move back into Scorpio on December 1, then go direct on December 6, re-enter Sagittarius on December 12, and finally leave shadow on December 24. Venus leaves shadow on the 17th. If you truly want to enjoy that high-tech purchase, you may wish to wait and take advantage of the after-Christmas sales. Other holiday purchases will probably cause you less of a headache if you at least wait until mid-December. Chiron will go direct on December 9, which leaves only Uranus retrograde; Uranus will go direct on January 6, putting you in a retrograde-free zone from January 7 through March 5.

One of the biggest highlights of December will be a delightful New Moon in Sagittarius on the 7th. This should be just the turboboost Jupiter in Sagittarius needs to help you manifest your dreams for the coming year. Be sure you know just how to utilize all of these incredible energies coming your way to your advantage!

I will try to update everyone with one more Newsletter before surgery, but I wanted you to be aware that all will continue as usual, and you may not even notice that I am missing.

So, for now, let me just say Happy Holidays to all, and may you find your hopes and dreams in the coming year!



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