Full Moon in Cancer 0° – Saturday, December 22, 2018 12:48pm EST

If the future you desire has been feeling elusive, get ready! Feelings run deep at this Full Moon as it takes up residence in its home sign of Cancer. Intuitively, the choices should be clear by now, and some form of victory is immiment. It is possible to find yourself being singled out for something, whether it be with praise, or leaving you at odds with others. Stand up for what you believe.

Each day, the energies are lifting now, freeing you from stressful situations, and garnering you some much-deserved recognition for work which, until now, has taken place behind the scenes. This cycle you have been in for some time has been filled with various betrayals and difficulties, leaving you with a feeling of lack. That is all coming full circle now, as this Full Moon at zero degrees allows for the closing and opening of new doors. Watch to see what happens over the coming weeks with the phases of the Moon!

Putting an end to stress, and raising your spirits. Your hard work and efforts which have been an ongoing endeavor really begin paying off by the next Full Moon, which will be a Full Moon Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse at zero degrees Leo. Your patience through all of the delays which you have experienced will give way to some form of peace and tranquility with a particular situation by February. Recognizing that everything happens in phases, and rarely all in one day, gives you the ability to accomplish a great deal over the coming weeks. Don’t forget to check out my in-depth Tarot Guidance for this Full Moon in Cancer, now available on Patreon!

Artwork Credit: Deja Osbourne

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